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The rules of diet


healthy-dietAs I opened up in the previous article, human beings, must begin to wake up to the understanding of the rules of diet. Generally speaking, it has never been part of human knowledge to appreciate the truth that like many conditions of life rules have to be obeyed as far as the issue of diet is concerned. What we call ill-health of whatever kind usually could be traced to the violation of dietary rules.

What we are trying to say and what the world is now waking up to as the truth of life is that if from the onset of life human beings have an intelligent understanding of what their bodies require, the menaces of diseases and ill-health would have been under control. Whether we are talking of physical health or mental health, a lot depends on the quality of what we eat and drink.

The intelligent understanding of knowing what to eat and drink to fit the requirements of your bodily system is what is known as the preventive approach to the issue of health. We are all used to the curative approach to the issue of health and that has made the medical doctors psychologists and psychiatrists as well as nurses to be highly relevant in respect of the issue of our health.


But the frightening thing today as far as the issue of health is concerned is that even experts in the curative field of health are in themselves becoming overwhelmed by the strangeness of certain diseases. New diseases are not only cropping up, familiar ones are taking up new coloration that throws experts themselves into confusion. In the midst of this dilemma.

Authoritative bodies in themselves like the World Health Organization (WHO) and centre for disease and control (CDC) are becoming serious advocates of the preventive approach to the issue of health it is like asking the individual to take charge of the destiny of the issue of his own health.

What is particularly demanded in this respect is that the individual becomes more enlightened about what he eats and what he drinks because they go a long way to determine the state of his health and not only that, they can actually determine the nature of the disease that one may be proned to. Medical experts, psychiatrists and psychologists will always be relevant in the health affairs of man. But I believe we are moving into a new age of enlightenment where nutritionists and dieticians may begin to assume a pride of place where the matters of our health are concerned.

In the manner that the medical experts have been relevant in the curative approach to the issue of our health nutritionists and dieticians might just become relevant in our preventive approach to health. But just like I as a psychologist have been telling the world that psychology as a subject does not necessarily have to be a subject for the experts but for intelligent and serious people in general, the same would go for knowledge in nutrition. Every serious minded people should be interested in the rules underlying our nutritional processes.

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