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Here’s how to become an online trader and beat rising fuel prices

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17 May 2022   |   11:54 am
If you’ve had to fill-up your vehicle lately, you’ll know the pain of seeing ever-increasing fuel prices. The conflict in Eastern Europe might seem a world away but its effects on the oil industry are being felt globally. 

If you’ve had to fill-up your vehicle lately, you’ll know the pain of seeing ever-increasing fuel prices. The conflict in Eastern Europe might seem a world away but its effects on the oil industry are being felt globally. 

Nigeria, as is the case throughout Africa and the rest of the world, is experiencing skyrocketing inflation and escalating fuel prices. 

Today, we look at rising fuel prices and reveal ways you can not only grab your financial freedom but thrive in these uncertain times with CMTrading.

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Rising cost of fuel

More than ever before, Nigerians are struggling to purchase basic food and fuel commodities as the country grapples with record high inflation.

Despite being Africa’s largest oil producer, Nigeria frequently experiences scarcity as all four of the country’s refineries are in a state of disrepair. Abuja spends $7 billion a year importing fuel. The price of diesel has almost tripled to more than N700 per liter.  


Big oil raking in billions of dollars 

Consumers may be feeling the pinch, but oil companies certainly are not; in 2022 the price of oil has risen by more than 48% in the last quarter to an average of $114 per barrel, the highest in seven years. 

And big oil companies are taking advantage of this;  Exxon Mobil Corp reports that its 2022 first-quarter results was up $8.8 billion. BP reached $6.2 billion in the first quarter of 2022, far exceeding expectations of a $4.49 billion profit.

Why should these ‘Big Oil’ fat cats profit and leave the rest of us feeling the pain at the pumps? 

Fortunately, there is a path to not only achieving financial freedom but thriving during these times of economic uncertainty. By becoming an online trader, you can profit from rising fuel prices instead of merely forking out your hard-earned Naira at petrol stations.

Join the trading revolution

Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians are turning to online trading to generate additional income. Many of whom go on to become professional day traders, leaving their traditional nine-to-five office jobs behind.  

Through online courses and mobile trading platforms, it has never been easier to grab your share of the financial markets.  After all, why shouldn’t YOU also profit from the global economy as these oil companies do?

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Easier than ever to become a trader     

You don’t need be a Wall Street guru or have a business degree to become a trader today. All you need is internet access, a mobile device, and a trading account. To be successful in the markets, however, will require education and the support of a reputable brokerage such as CMTrading. 

CMTrading has been operating since 2012 and has recently won three incredible awards:  

2022 Best Broker Nigeria – Global Business Review Magazine   

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By becoming an online trader you’ll tap into the limitless potential of the global economy and be able to provide an additional income stream for your loved ones.  

5 great reasons to start trading today  

1. Additional income  

Trading enables you to achieve financial freedom by profiting from the global markets. By partnering with a reputable broker, such as CMTrading, you’ll be able to become a successful trader in no time.  

  1. Profit when the markets or up or down

Unlike any other industry, volatility equals opportunity for good traders. No matter which way the markets are moving you’ll always be able to take advantage of economic conditions.   

  1. Learn while you earn

Through CMTrading’s expert courses, weekly webinars and in-person training, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge you need to be successful. What’s more, you can learn and trade at your own pace.

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  1. 4. Follow the best traders in the world

With social trading technology, such as CMTrading’s Copykat, you’ll be able to follow and copy the trades of the best traders in the world. When they profit so do you!

  1. Limitless opportunities

From stock trading to Bitcoin, a world of opportunity awaits if you start trading today. CMTrading is a gateway to these markets and more!  

1 million happy subscribers

Tope Ijibadejo, CMTrading Nigeria Region Manager, said: “CMTrading is a 10-year-old business that has stood the test of time. It is currently servicing over 1 million registered subscribers around the world. It is known to be Africa’s largest and best-performing broker with offices in South Africa, Nigeria, and many parts of the world.”    

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