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History and benefits of herbal medicine


Herbal medicine. PHOTO:

Herbal medicine is an important and significant part of alternative medicine. It is a part and parcel of alternative treatment methods. Herbal medicine involves the use of different parts of the plant. Parts of the plant that have medicinal properties.

These parts include the leaves, stem, fruits, seeds, flower and roots.

These medicinal properties of the plants are from chemical compounds that are naturally found in the plants.


These chemicals are the nutrients that make up deficiencies of the chemicals when they are introduced into the body. Herbal medicine can both be preventive and curative.

Herbs are essentially the vegetables that we consume on a daily basis. If we consume them with understanding with intent to prevent disease(s), then food would indeed have become our medicine and medicine our food.

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. Indeed, it has been very well studied and documented in some countries of the world.

For example, there is Ayurvedic medicine in India and the Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine in China. It is also widely used in other European and Asian countries.

Coming nearer Home in Africa, different African countries have for a long time used all sorts of herb for the treatment of different types of diseases.

The problem of Herbal medicine in Nigeria is that it is not well documented. Practitioners all over the country have died not having recorded the knowledge of Herbal medicine for descendants.

There is no doubt in my mind that this trend is about to change as I see a lot of being generated by present day practitioners.

Herbal medicine has been practiced and used for the treatment of numerous ailments for centuries.

Nature has blessed humanity with a huge number of different herbs, Laden with tremendous amount of medicinal properties that can be deployed for the treatment and prevention of different ailments.
Benefits of Herbal medicine

The rate at which Herbal medicine has been increasing in popularity is to say the least, alarming. Also, it is important to note that this popularity of herbal medicine as it is today, is backed by concrete evidence and testimonies.

This only goes to confirm what researchers like Dr. Batmangheldj had always proclaimed in his lifetime. He said the human body being Nature can only be cured by Natural substances and not by inorganic chemical drugs.

Herbal medicine benefits include:

1. Cost effectiveness and affordability of Herbal products: Modern medical practice and pharmaceutical drugs are becoming more expensive that the common man can hardly afford them.

The growing testimonies of increasing effectiveness of herbal medicine, coupled with much lower occurrence of side effects, have made Herbal medicine a ready alternative indeed to Modern medicine.

2. Herbal products in form of supplements, herbal teas, extract, essential oils and so on, are easy to come by. They are available in health food shops, springing up all over the place and on the Internet and pharmacy shops.

Furthermore, being plant-based products, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. Also supplements do not have to be registered by the FDA in America and they do not have to pass through trials before use.

Be that as it may, we the consumers must ensure we purchase the products from trustworthy and reliable outlets. Also, the products must be manufactured and packaged from reputable companies. Always make sure you read the labels on the bottles and packets of the supplements well.

3. The efficacy of these herbs for the treatment of various diseases has been determined. Numerous studies have been carried out to confirm their effectiveness.

Indeed, there are herbs that can be used for the treatment of simple conditions as common cold and others for more serious conditions as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

4. Boosting the immune system: Herbal products do not interfere with the physiological processes that go on in the body. On the contrary, they support such processes.

In particular, Herbal products by their chemical components boost the immune system. They work with every aspect of the system and enhance their function. For example, they support the antioxidant immune system by supplying enough antioxidants.

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