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How party shoes could be killing your feet


SHOESAre you looking forward to donning your heels for New Year’s Eve? Or secretly dreading hobbling home a few hours later with bleeding and aching feet?

The wrong footwear can cause short-term pain and long-term problems. Here, consultant podiatrist Emma Supple outlines the problems of different party shoes.

There are plenty of elegant pointy shoes – from embellished low heels to sky-high leopard print.

‘Toes are being squished into an area that is far too small. Most people can tolerate a couple of hours before feeling discomfort, though some find pain starts within half an hour.

‘Wear such shoes too often and potentially you could develop long-term problems. Hammer toes occur when the three middle toes are pushed in so often that they become painfully deformed and bent in towards each other.

‘You even need to be aware of heavy jewelry on the end of shoes. The weight on top of toes can bruise toenails.’

This style of shoe is often made of rigid leather, which can chafe

Pumps are the most sensible shoes around – right? Round toe, rarely too high and usually wide fitting with a solid round heel.

This style of shoe is often made of rigid leather. which can chafe the heel and lead to ‘pump bump’. This starts as an irritation and can cause blisters after just one night on the dance floor.

Over time in younger feet, the pressure can develop into a permanent bony protrusion or lump known as Haglund’s deformity. If bony bumps form, you must see a podiatrist – they may need to be surgically removed.

Platform shoes come in all forms: a high heel and a thick sole; or flatforms, where you walk on a flat platform.

You may feel more secure in these shoes and less likely to wobble after a cranberry and vodka, but you’re actually just as unstable as in heels.

Many people develop a sort of stomping walk in platforms, which puts pressure on the joints. This can lead to very sore feet, calluses and arch pain.
Some platforms are heavy and the extra weight is going to strain leg muscles. The solid nature of the sole means the foot is unable to bend properly so you may suffer immediate foot pain.

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