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How to make your windows winter-ready


If you live in a country that experiences harsh winter, then protecting your home from the wrath of winters must be your top priority. Yes, you are sweeping the chimneys, turning off outdoor taps and faucets, checking the roof, and whatnot.

But are you sealing your windows adequately to keep out the chill?

Drafty windows can be a problem during winters and, miserably getting cold is the last thing you would want to endure. So, keep reading to explore all the best shades for winter insulation.

Keep your options open and make your home winter perfect with –


Draperies – If you want to use extra insulation, draperies can be your convenient option, as you can install this on top of your present window solution as a layer. Draperies will entrap the heat and not let it escape ensuring that the room stays warm on a chilly winter day. The variety of colors and lovely fabric will not fail to please you aesthetically.

Cellular shades – When we talk about energy-efficient window dressing solutions, the first thing that comes to mind is the cellular shades. The best part is these shades help keep the rooms warm during winters and do not let excess heat percolate inside the room during the summer months. You can choose from a wide array of options like single cell or double cell shades. It is better to opt for double cell ones during the winter months. These shades are smartly designed to provide top-notch insulation.


Roman shades – This one is a perfect mix of beauty and effectiveness. The aesthetic appeal of the roman shades is excellent and the insulation is also perfect thanks to the thick material that is used in the making of the shades. The sealed edges also add to the effective insulation provided by these shades. For additional temperature control, a thermal backing may be added to make the room comfortable and cozy.

Solar blinds – Solar blinds are usually preferred in summers to keep rooms cool as they are excellent in blocking out the heat from the sun along with UV rays. While not the best choice for winter, solar blinds have shown great promise in showing their use as a passive solar collector, generating a little bit of heat in the process. The solar blinds can easily block out chilly winter wind. They can also collect heat from the sun to radiate it inside the rooms and keep it warm in the winters.


Combination window coverings: These have excellent efficiency when it comes to making your home winter-ready. They are a combination of the various available options. Multiple combinations can be used to ensure outstanding insulation and double it up with either active or passive heating inside the home to maintain a comfortable temperature. The use of cellular shades and drapes in conjunction with roman shades or solar blinds to create a combination of window coverings helps in maximizing the efficiency of both options.

Technically the two most important aspects of getting a home winter-ready are first, the insulation and sealing of your windows to ensure chill doesn’t enter the room. And secondly, heating to ensure the indoor temperature is maintained.


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