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How women can achieve a positive work-life balance


Lanre Olusola

It has never been easy for women to juggle a thriving career and a happy family life. It still is not simple, because being a full-time working mom comes with lots of stress and guilt for not being able to give equal time to work and family.
How then can women achieve a positive and healthy work-life balance? Below are Seven (7) guidelines for women, when it comes to creating a work-life balance:

1. Define “Balance” for Yourself: What balance looks like differs for everyone. Do not assume that what works for someone else should be your aim. Think through your priorities and how time outside work can be attained.

2. Think Of Work-Life Balance From A Calendar-Year View: Consider balance in terms of not only the hour, day and week but also month and year. If you know June might be busy, build some buffer into July or August. Recognize that needs might change as your family evolves.

3. Sort out Your Priorities: In order to create a positive work-life balance, it is important to have your priorities in order, both personal and professional. To figure out your responsibilities at different levels, ask yourself a few questions. What are the most-important commitments to work and family? What can’t be compromised or is completely non-negotiable? Getting clear on these answers will help you prioritize, make adjustment and decide what you are and are not prepared to do.

4. Talk It Out With Your Employers: It is beneficial to keep the communication lines open with your employers through your direct supervisor, human resource department or as may be required in your organization. Be hundred percent honest and transparent.

5. Learn The Art of Delegation: There is nothing wrong in acknowledging that you cannot do everything on your own and a little help could ease your enormous workload. By doing everything by yourself, you are not only fatiguing your body but also preparing it for a breakdown in the future. Decide what you must do yourself and what others can take care of. Seek support from co-workers, spouse, and family members.

6. Draw A Line Between Home And Work: One of the greatest lessons in life that has helped individuals is to say NO to things that do not align with their priorities. Learn to set boundaries so that you can give your heart and soul to both work and family. Try as much as possible to leave work at work, do not come home with it. Be mindful of your personal relationships and start saying no to things that are not doing any good to you.

7. Have Your ‘ME’ Time: Making out some time to do things you actually love is one secret to maintaining a perfect work-life balance. It is okay to think about yourself sometimes, have some leisure time and pamper yourself. Go to a spa, get a massage, watch reruns of your favorite TV series, read a book, travel all by yourself, or just do nothing at all. Learn to take care of yourself because only then would you be able to take care of your family and your work.
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance requires constant adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices, and a lot of times we lose focus.

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