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Ignorance in the issue of health maintenance – Part 1


A Young lady Eating. Photo : Health Magazine

As the world claims to be getting more and more sophisticated in its social and material development, so, it is getting to lose its grip on certain rules that should guide this development.

One of the ways this has happened to him is in this tragic understanding of the rules of diet.

As I had said before, most of the diseases that afflict many of us are as a result of the violation of the rules of diet. That is what we eat and what we drink.

The cravings of many people for pleasure and indiscriminate gratification have made them ignore the important fact of life that even nutrition and diet are subjected to use and when this rules are ignored or violated, they can lead to serious health implications that could manifest many diseases.

The seriousness of this issue is manifested in the fact that medical experts in themselves are becoming baffled in respect of certain diseases.

New diseases are cropping up that medical experts, in themselves, are not prepared for by virtue of training and that means that before such diseases could be brought under control, there must be initial casualties that nobody at a particular period will be able to do anything about it until solutions are found.

This is why today, the slogan of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is ringing louder and louder and I had highlighted this in my write-ups.

In this respect as I had emphasised in the past, in as much as what constitute ill-health for most of us comes from what we eat and what we drink to that extent nutritionists and dieticians may have very important roles to play in our re-orientation to maintain good health.

Talking about the role of food and drink in the maintenance of our health is like a form of reference to the importance of ‘Nature.’

Nature is an embodiment of rules in everything and that includes nutrition.

Most of us may be ignorant of these rules and this is where the nutritionists and the dieticians become useful to mankind.

In their own right they are as important as the medical doctors in the overall maintenance of our health.

When we talk about the idea of prevention being better than cure in the matters, the authority to affirm such principle is derived from the knowledge that there are equally experts in the matters of our health that can use the truth in that principle to help us maintain good health.

Medical personnel are experts in the curative approach to the issue of our health and they will always be relevant to re-construct the damage of our organs as organic breakdown or dysfunction is what we usually refer to as ill-health.

But the duty of the nutritionist and the dietician is to help ensure that if you know the rules to follow, you might be able to prevent organic damage.

What the nutritionist is to the medical doctor is like what the psychologist is to the psychiatrist on the issue of mental health.

While the former wants to acquaint you with the rules of mental or mind operation that will prevent you from mental ill health, the latter is to re-construct you if you unfortunately breakdown and this should take us back to the issue of psychogenic diseases.

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