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Influence in today’s world


Queen Ama-Josephine Kachikwu

It all started in the `Garden of Eden’’ where God regretted making man in his own image and likeness. Man’s consciousness negatively blossomed with the influence of his partner, Evil. The creator’s intention for an egalitarian earth was suddenly incinerated and later restored partially with the penalty of blood. He who knew no sin was made to pay the highest penalty of death for the remission of a sinful world.

Permit us however, if using this analogy we have abused your religious sensibility, but, the fact remains that the unfolding events of today’s world had, millions of years ago, been hatched. The influence we see in today’s world can be said to be directly proportional to that which had taken place during the days of our first parents, `Adam and Evil’.

The tranquillity of their abode became disquieted due to the influence of a third party popularly called “Serpent.’’ The aphorism of `serpent and the apple’ described in the Holy Bible leading to the fall of man could represent Adam’s insatiable taste for wisdom and power. The world as we know it today has gradually transformed to a pattern even alien to us. As you are aware, the law of motion presupposes that an action is needed to cause a reaction, and therefore, no subject matter, be it living-thing or non-living can cause a motion or action without an internal or external influence.


What then is Influence?
Innetworknet, an internet-based marketing platform describes influence as being able to affect an action. It goes further to say that “if you create, alter, inspire or change someone’s behaviour, you have influenced them. According to it, from a business perspective, influence is key as marketers hope to influence consumer spending decisions to purchase their goods and services. On an individual level, having influence within your social relationships has many benefits and could help to further your professional career. 

Innetwork gives four criteria of influence to include Trust, Authority, ‘So what’? and Connection. I think the only point that requires explanation out of these four variables is “So What’’. This simply means why you should be believed. The mind is the first intangible thing that plays the most important influencing role in human beings and the second being tangible things around you. They could be fellow humans or objects of human creation like the media (Television, Radio, Books Magazines, and Internet). The exposure to media contents remains an incontrovertible influence of man in the present 21st century. Earlier, culture and norms of the people had played this role of socialization and character molding to the benefit of the society. Even with the disastrous fall of man in the garden, the human society remained intact until civilization came. At the primitive era, man showed moderation in life pattern obviously due to the absence of modernity.

Modernity brought with it, change in the taste of man and thinking. No longer was the early man prepared to trek long distance, make fire from stone, wear hide and skin or even go naked without been shy or rely on natural herbs for medicines. Just like the eating of the apple opened Adam’s eyes to notice that he was naked, modernity opened the man’s perspicacity to the new world order. All human inventions have and would continue to influence man in one way or another. It is however, the choice of an individual to make the use of the various objects and services available to better or destroy the society. These positive and negative choices have remained the magnetic forces that have shaped our world today. For example, the Ak 47 assault rifle was invented by the Russian Kalashnikov for military use, but the rapid sound and the effectiveness of the rifle in fighting a close quarter battle and its use in movies have influenced gun-throttled terrorists to adopt it and use it to kill people.

Also the internet technology was created to improve information dissemination and to facilitate globalization, but, what do we have? The technology is been used today to spread hate speeches, promote pornography, gay, lesbianism, terrorism and other such inhuman activities that have perhaps raised questions about its benefit to the world. Also important to mention is the manner in which religion and politics have been used to alter the narrative of a peaceful world. Some Clergies and Politicians can be satisfied as bad influences. They have introduced negativism in their followers to continually behave in manner not in tune with seeking redemption and development. As aforesaid, influence can also be positive. A positive influence though scant, remains the tonic that can correct the present confusion in our world. For example, a positive influence is not necessarily being in the media every day and trying to change your image 50 million times. An influential for example, is one who can predict accurately and lead the world into an order which would shake its foundation for the purpose of building strong systems. An influential is not necessary one with money.  

According to the Oxford dictionary, influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. Influence is not about making noise and false propaganda. Influence is not about false ambition where a people begin to lose sight of the original game plan.


An Influential could be small in size but mighty upstairs to say the least. Influential does not talk too much but conceptualises things that would widen human perspectives. An influential has the power for brain development with colourful words of healing and strength. Influential imparts with meaningful words, not stolen, but inspired from above.  Influential keeps quiet when cannot make sense of a matter until an appointed time. Such people are often talents with good dispositions like the east wind. Influential does not bribe to get to the top collecting money as donation from everywhere. Influential, who is also a motivator, would naturally abhor negative things.
Influential is prophetic and can predict the future with specialised gifts. What influential says almost become law without meaning to do so. No gainsaying the late South African Leader, Nelson Mandela, and Black/Human Campaigner, Martin Lurther King Jr., Mother Theresa and few others not mentioned here fit into this category. Influential does not need publicity on bills boards, on TV or any other forms of media stunts to be spotted. When you radiate such features even in your little corner, the world shall notice you. A woman or a man with good influence has intrinsic qualities to change his or her environment for good, not the type we recently saw in the branch office of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Benue State, Nigeria, where she gave a concocted narrative of how a Python mysteriously swallowed about N35 million under care.
Queen AMA, one of the writers for example, was 33 years old when she headed global change from a shit hole cubicle in London which impacted the globe. She had no house of her own but moved from one siblings’ house to another.

According to her: I remember a forceful dislocation, which left blood on my forehead with the promise to replace a demeaning and shameful office. I was mocked for directing affairs through social media platform such as face book amongst others. I am sure one day a respectful person would arrange a proper office space with a house as a mark of honour and gratitude. Today, I am still trying to understand how people have come to learn of me without being on Television. A star would attract regardless of its size, dimension and altitude. Do not get me wrong media is a great way of changing the world if you truly have something consistent to say that fits the jigsaw puzzle. It is for this reason in media content is king and would lead you there.
Influence is more than the physical and most would do anything for physical power, which weighs nothing in the scope of leadership. Some have suggested their understanding of influence and would equate it to paid advertised followership on facebook, instagram or twitter. We are all entitled to our opinion about various definitions if we understood our decisions.
Furthermore, influence is not about your bank balance, it is more of having a specialised gift outside of education, background and experience to move the world.
Queen Ama’s Ultimate Journey to Greatness: How to unlock the greatness in you, become a world changer and leave a lasting legacy. This book has universal appeal and received an award for youth motivator amongst others.

A book-signing event will be hosted for Queen Ama in one of the biggest Los Angeles Times Festival of books on the 21st of April 2018.
The spiritual is often mocked in the spheres of influence but has 80 per cent weighting considering the others like education, background and experience weigh less or nothing.
The awards we often give out to people are not influential but rather paid advert, which could be received by just anyone. These awards sometime go to the highest bidder. To change our society, for good, we must allow those good virtues to influence us. Who says terrorism, corruption, nepotism, mal-administration, kidnapping, armed-robbery, prostitution, human-trafficking that have today become the bedrock of many societies cannot be eradicated. What is simply required is the right influence. 

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