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Lanre Olusola, Michelle McKinney Hammond and Tim Storey on mindsets and thriving post COVID-19



When three of the world’s most distinguished names in Human Growth, Coaching and Empowerment – Renowned Speaker, Bestselling Author, Emmy-Award Winning Television Cohost and Relationship Expert, Michelle McKinney Hammond; Acclaimed American Author, Speaker, and Life Coach associated with global individual and corporate brands including Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Robert Downey Jr. etc., Tim Storey; and celebrated Behavioural Change and Transformational Catalyst, recognized for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria, Lanre Olusola – come together to equip people with the right mindset to navigate the present times and create the future they desire, you’re sure to experience life changing impact.

From entertainment legends to professional athletes, fortune 500 organisations; executives, entrepreneurs and more, these three masterminds have traveled round the world and continue to inspire people from all walks of life. In this exclusive interview, they talk about the Uncommon Mindset and how to ignite change and overcome some of the underlying problems of our lives, especially at this time.

On the feedback from the First Uncommon Mindset Series and why people should equip themselves for the days ahead, Lanre Olusola noted that most people have been thankful for how apt and timely their messages have been in this covid-19 crisis, “especially because it related with all the top challenges that people are going through today, and related concerns about their immediate future.”


“The decisions we made yesterday influenced our actions and set the stage for our experiences today. So, it only makes sense, that if we want to experience positive, fulfilling, happy, prosperous, peaceful and successful futures, then we need to learn the principles that will help us; recreate, redesign and live our desired future,” Olusola said.

On how the three globally renowned leaders from different countries – Lanre Olusola from Nigeria, Michelle McKinney Hammond in the UK and Ghana and Tim Storey from America – came together to create the Uncommon Mindset Series, McKinney Hammond who used to live in the US said she has been friends with Tim Storey for years and had always wanted to do something together.

“Lanre is my Personal Coach. I thought it would be a powerful combination if we could combine our specialties and skill sets to create something no one else is offering. So we decided to come together. Combining insights from a Practical, Spiritual and Psychological base, we holistically equip others to incorporate all of who they are to maximize their potential to function at their highest level,” she added.

It is no secret that it’s been a challenging time for everyone. Some people have however not been able to respond to setbacks dealt by the Covid-19 pandemic due to fear and other emotional issues. Lanre Olusola says that lack of emotional intelligence is creating an emotional crisis. According to him, emotional crisis is a cry from deep within about a perceived uncontrollable situation, which creates a state of anxiety, worry, fear, depression, and overwhelming stress.

Speaking in the same vein, McKinney Hammond says that many people are feeding on the wrong information incessantly, growing hopeless or even worse, paralyzed. She stated, “One has to recondition the mind to cancel out the mindset of limitations and instead see the endless options and possibilities.” In addition, “this state of mind liberates you to literally reinvent your life as it gives you flexibility to forge new grounds professional, personally and relationally.”

For people who are experiencing emotional crisis, Olusola encourages them not to despair, stating that in these kinds of situations, one has to be aware of some important principles.

“Breathe; Get the complete facts and be honest with yourself; Take back control of your thoughts and actions; Be patient with yourself and trust the process,” Olusola shared.

Although change is the only constant thing, it can be quite a tough experience to go through especially one that is unprecedented and occurs with cataclysmic fatality like the covid-19 pandemic.

Tim Storey likened the current situation to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. “When people look at a butterfly, it’s easy to forget the caterpillar. Metamorphosis is a process. Most people want to be a huge success right away, but don’t understand that there is a process. We must learn to prosper where we’re planted, because today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.” He explained.

The second part of the Uncommon Mindset series hosted by McKinney Hammond, Storey and Olusola is billed for the 1st of August 2020. Themed Metamorphosis – Birthing Your Next, Taking Your Life to the Next Level, one wonders how individuals and organizations can leverage the concept of metamorphosis as it relates to the new normal we now find ourselves living today.


Olusola stated that it is important for us to know that the greatest opportunities in life, business and career are hidden in the greatest crisis and challenges as light shines brightest in the deepest darkest. He added that – “People’s progress, growth and success are always hindered by the way they see the problem. Change can only come if you change your habits, thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, behaviors, associations and actions. Change for optimal living is synonymous with the metamorphosis process.”

With the current situation, so many people have abandoned their goals and aspirations and are now focused on just surviving 2020, owing to the devastating effects of coronavirus across the globe.

According to Storey, there are times in history when the entire world feels a setback. He acknowledges that this is what 2020 feel like for many. “Wearing a mask, social distancing and sanitizing everything doesn’t change your purpose. Your purpose is not subject to physical circumstances, but how you live out your purpose. We must find new ways to fulfill the purpose within us.

The Uncommon Mindset series is being organised to help Nigerians and everyone across the world that connects to the series, develop an uncommon mindset for success. “We didn’t allow this pandemic to change our purpose, we just found a new way to share our message via Zoom and other technology. We got creative within the setback,” Storey said.

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