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Laws of executive intelligence for leaders in the wisdom age



In the wisdom age, leadership has gone beyond the depth of having ability to find solutions which are hard to describe and instinctive knowledge concerning what is really going on behind the scenes humanly speaking. A leader must have what it takes to combine the qualities above with defined purpose and proven principles that are as old as leadership. A leader must have a form of intelligence – meaningful, acceptable, productive set of thoughtful inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills applied in the leadership world. Here are 7 laws of executive intelligence you need as a leader to lead with effectiveness in the wisdom age.

Law #1 – There is no executive without execution; every Leader must lead with effectiveness. In fact, a leader’s perspective must be superlative and attractive; his or her prerogative must meet imperatives of proletariat and elite he or she is leading positively, and distinctive excellence must be seen in his or her exclusive rights. There is an attraction in effective execution which makes an executive attractive and exclusive at perfecting leadership.

Law #2 – A leader must exercise and exhibit his or her excellence intelligently and exceptionally for the third-estate and upper-class he or she is leading to experience the extra-ordinary in leadership. Leadership is in truly executive because a leader’s intelligence must be nothing if not executive.


Law #3 – A leader should acquire ways of exhibiting his or her power to put on his or her thinking cap in a way that shows good skills. A leader should also be consistent to the power of the mind by which a leader attains acquaintance with facts with respect to heterogeneous facet of human and humanoid exertions consisting of goodly but indeterminate number which are of great value and have a go at getting the hang and drift of facet of an organized agglomerate of human being who are responsible for gracious and generous system of leadership consisting of a goodly but indeterminate number which are of great value.

Law #4 – A leader must act boldly and as if it is out of the question to fail. A leader must set goals, make course of actions, organize systems that has rights of preceding another good choice. It is in a leader’s best interest to keep a state of decisive mind and maintain a determined attitude of the good life, and fulfill the purpose of leadership.

Law #5 – Development is nothing to it where there is desire and determination; a leader who gets acquaintance with actuality acts rightly. Have mindset of enough and abundance, have enough on the ball and develop people to effect striking results.

Law #6 – Strategic, sustainable and superior performance is name of the game that brings productivity to a happy issue and enable leaders have exclusive rights and distinctive excellence in this life. It is good to be great; achieving results and building capacity is as easy as developing leadership.

Law #7 – It is not combination of intrinsic and idiosyncratic proficiency that enable leaders build complete certainty and certitude in the general public but having what it takes to make good intelligent choices and reach good intelligent conclusions. Anyaele Sam Chiyson is a writer and Founder/CEO of Chiysonovelty International.

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