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Learning medicine online with success

By Guardian Nigeria
29 September 2022   |   3:00 am
In the 21st century, coupled with the recent pandemic, a lot has changed. Right from work activities to the way we learn. No doubt, we are adjusting to the new reality.

In the 21st century, coupled with the recent pandemic, a lot has changed. Right from work activities to the way we learn. No doubt, we are adjusting to the new reality.

One of those realities is learning from home. Even though distance learning or online learning has existed for a while, it has taken a bigger twist recently.

While it is straightforward to learn some courses of study, some require extra activities such as fieldwork and practicals. Of significance are the processes, procedures, and practicalities involved in learning medicine. If you are looking for the best platform to learn medicine online with detailed lectures, techniques, and practicals, you should check webop.

Learning medicine online is classified into two classes. The original “FOAMed” and Formalized “FOAMed.”

The Original “FOAMed” self-learning was invented on the internet. It is an online repository that consists of educational blogs and podcasts. It consists of individuals and medical experts passionate about transferring knowledge, as idiosyncratic as it may seem.

The formalized “FOAMed,” on the other hand, is more advanced than the original FOAMed. In this online learning arrangement, hospital departments’, fellowship programs, and residency activities are compiled into a website or podcast and made available online.

In Formalized FOAMed learning, the learning materials are based on real-life practices and unfiltered. However, some of them require paid subscriptions for full access.

Tips For Learning Medicine Online With Success

The rate at which people learn medicine and enroll in medical courses online has increased. One of the glaring factors for increased online learning is the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

So if you think of learning online and succeeding at it, you should consider these tips.

Be Open Minded To Theories And Skeptical About Practical

If you are learning medicine online, you must be open-minded and liberal. Every concept is worthy of your attention but not worthy of consideration. You should sieve the courses and identify the ones that are in line with your sub-field.

Learning online has no limit; there is always something new to learn. You do not have to entertain all new practice techniques, however, do not overlook any of these techniques.

Be open to new methods, and seek expert cum c colleague’s opinions. Consult works of literature and scholarly works as they are all available online.

Seek experiences to navigate from theory to practical

The main reason you’re learning medicine online is to practice. If what you learn doesn’t equip you for practice, you have not learned anything. That is why you should learn from reliable sources such as webop, where the courses and presentations available will enable you to evolve and broaden your practice.

So while learning, you should navigate ways where you can practice. The more you practice, the more you understand the theories learned.

Don’t stop or quit

The hungry and ambitious zeal with which you started learning should be sustained untill you are no more or have retired from practice. The more you learn in medicine, the more you are driven to know more.

It is possible that those things that used to interest you are now getting complicated or seem irrelevant; you should not quit. New methods and techniques will suffice, and you will always encounter challenges.


Learning medicine online is not limited to those who want to practice or take it as a full-time job. Those who used to seek medical help when symptoms arose are now proactive patients who handle their treatments. Through access to information technology, these individuals are now “specialists” in their health management.

Nonetheless, if you are learning medicine online and want to succeed in your practice, follow the tips mentioned above and keep knowledge repositories like webop handy.