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Living life in public view and wining private battles


The theme for this programme – ‘THINKATION 2018’ is apt and on point. A combination of productive thinking and education culminate to success.

As good as education is, the realities of the present time has pointed clearly that education is not sufficient on its own to bring about success. Education must of necessity align with creativity which is a byproduct of thinking.

Joseph Campbell said-  “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it.” Living the life in the public view’ is descriptive of a state of appreciable success of an individual. Living the life in its real sense is beyond merely existing or struggling without any appreciable headway in life


Life cannot be said to be lived if there is no impact. To live a life of significance in the public view, certain private battles must have been won specifically  in personal,  family and spiritual aspects of our lives.

’You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand‘’ – Lord Denning in the English case of UAC.V.MACFOY

If the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do – Ps 11:3
It is from home that glamour is extended to the public – Yoruba Proverb

It is not unlikely people put up cosmetic successful public appearances despite the challenges they face…… living a superficial life in the public view.

On the journey to becoming a successful, impactful and value adding member of the society, private battles of lack of vision and sense of direction, insufficiency, lack of confidence, distractions and limitations in various dimensions, indiscipline, lack of passion, lethargy and what have you, must have been won to a substantial level. I see winning in the private over the above mentioned negative challenges as a process which every person aspiring to live a “life” in the public view passes through and it is doubtful whether there is a shortcut towards sustainable success.

• Purpose- Significance in the public in the real sense is not achievable without having settled the “why” question; so says John Maxwell in his Book –  “The Power of Significance”, 2017. There must be a working at purpose in the private which eventually blossoms into an accomplished public life. When purpose is established failure is unlikely when opportunity presents itself.

• Passion – This might be a pointer to your “why”.  What is your passion?

• Start Small- do not despise the days of little beginning. The resources towards moving on the path of productivity may be small, let this not be a deterrent, start small and build up.  Just be sure you are on your “own thing” (that is; what you have the ability and capacity to do)

• Take yourself serious- you need to take yourself serious so that the world can take you serious, focus on your intended outcome and refuse to be distracted.

• Be encouraged that you have got what it takes to make the best out of yourself-and to impact your world. Don’t think what you can get but what you can give to the society.

• Be careful about your decisions- To soar high, take heed also on the decisions you make. The decisions we make today are what becomes the realities of tomorrow, says Busola Jegede in her Book, “Soaring High”, 2011. Great decisions of yesterday become great successes today. Make quality decisions because they are the determinant of the outlook of your life in the public view. With a quality decision, there is the assurance of a successful outcome in life. Make the quality decisions to keep the right company. The associations we keep have a part to play in winning our private battles. Keep company with those who are intentional about going somewhere in life.

• Mentorship- Deliberately identify and choose mentors who you can learn from their success stories. The secret of men are in their stories. Make the decision to expose yourself to biographies of great minds and any other resource relevant to where you intend to master in the public. It is said that readers are leaders.
God factor-don’t leave GOD out in your pursuit of success. When HE guides you, you cannot  miss the  way and when HE helps, you’re indeed helped. Win in the private and emerge to live in the public!

Living the life in the public view should be traceable to the battles that had been won in the private. When our private lives have been sufficiently managed or conquered, we can achieve our desired outcome as my topic for discussion has rightly suggested.
Omolewa Ahmed, wife of the governor, Kwara State and founder, Leah Foundation presented the speech above  at  Thinkation Africa 2018 held in Lagos on Friday, January 19, 2018.

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