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The bane that is ignorance


A motorist tries to drive past bonfires on the road during a demonstration and attacks against South Africa’s owned shops in Abuja, on September 4, 2019. – More than a hundred demonstrators clashed with police near a South African-owned supermarket in the Nigerian capital on September 4, 2019 as resentment simmered over attacks on foreign-owned shops in South Africa. Demonstrators burned tyres and hurled rocks outside a mall in Abuja where a branch of the Shoprite supermarket is located, before being repelled by a dozen police, an AFP journalist saw. (Photo by KOLA SULAIMON / AFP)

There is so much ignorance on practically anything that is not physical. Hardly is it suspected that the physical defines under-currents that eventually lead to the physical either as condensation or as pressure.

Today, the world is in turmoil. Two weeks ago, the Amazon Forest in Brazil was on fierce ravaging fire. Here is forest scientists say supplies 20 percent of the oxygen needs of the entire world. Brazil even insolently rejected $21million dollars put together by the G7 nations resulting from coordinating efforts by enraged President Macron of France.

Boris Johnson the freshly minted British Prime Minister has entreated the Queen to postpone her statutory address from the Throne. This has led to an uproar with some groups going to court because of his plan to suspend parliament for about a month.


On Tuesday night, Mr. Boris Johnson lost in the first crucial vote seeking to block a cross-party alliance to take control of the Parliament. The MPs, according to online publication reports, are pressing to stop a no-deal Brexit end of next month—on the 31st. They voted 328 to 301 to defeat Boris Johnson.

Promptly, he fired 21 Conservative MPs who have been described as party rebels. And now this on our continent! Mindless evil waves sweeping through certain districts of South Africa in which properties of Nigerians were destroyed and their shops looted, and reprisal burning and looting of enterprises believed to be linked with South Africa in Nigeria. With all these, can anyone state objectively that these are usual times? I will come to that presently.

As I was saying last week, when in distress and there is hopelessness, whether, in private lives or the life of a community or indeed, of a nation, it is not infrequent that there is the lamentation: ‘Where is God to permit such things?’ Some would cry out from a feeling of agonizing inadequacy to face their challenge, and from a feeling of abandonment: Why does God allow such things to happen to them? After all, they can see very many sunny and triumphal situations of fellow human beings who lack nothing and are in good health, good homes and in fulfilling marriages, blessed with promising children. Why is their own lot different? To heap the blame on the Creator is to doubt His Justice and input arbitrariness in His ways. Yet, everyone says that God is Justice. He is also Love. And in truth He is Justice.

As I did state, there is a wrong conception of the All-Highest, the Creator. He is seen as no more than a King in the neighbourhood, at most some distance high up beyond the clouds, yet as astronauts have revealed, the moon is about 400,000 miles away from the earth. He is seen as One Who can bestow blessings on some and deny others the same; like one individual and hate the other! The sun is a star composed of spirit motes the concentration of which gives rise to electromagnetic waves called sunlight. It is also the splittings of these spirit motes which stream down from beyond what is proverbially known as paradise and form atoms even found in cell molecules of our body. It is the animating influence of the radiation of the human spirit on the cell molecules that keep a person away from cancer if it is not dimmed through the crass pursuit of materialism or power.


The sun itself is one of the billions of stars in our galaxy called the Milky Way. This galaxy itself is one of the billions of galaxies in one universe and there are seven such universes in the material world. They are listed in the Revelation of John. This world of matter is subsequent Creation. The real Creation is the Spiritual Realm, the size, and vastness of which is beyond the contemplative faculties of man to survey or comprehend. The densest part of the subsequent Creation is where the earth has its place.

The Ethereal World which we call the Beyond is bigger in size and vastness than this physical world. It has its own gradations. As we must all have experienced it while in the air, on a flight cruising about 32,000 feet from the ground, trees nor human beings are not seen looking down, until the aircraft begins to lose height in descent preparatory to landing. It can, therefore, not be difficult to grasp when those who know say that our earth with all the 7.8billion inhabitants is no more than the tip of a fountain pen in relation to our universe. From all this we should begin to have a very faint idea of how far Paradise is, and how to further still the abode of the Holy Spirit is at the summit of Creation where He is as the Eternal Mediator through Whose Power the whole of Creation is governed as the Will of the Highest while the Lord Christ governs in the Divine Realm after reuniting with His Father at the brutal end of His Ministration of Love on earth—Both working at the behest of the Father Who is in Them and Them in the Father as Trinity.

With this vastness alone, it becomes imperative to understand the nature of the Creator, the Almighty Creator of all. In His Omniscience, is it conceivable that He will preoccupy Himself prying into the hearts of all human beings here in Ephesus and every human being in Sardis, Philadelphia, Thyatira and Laodicea to name just five of the universes described as churches in Asia? Or we should look for the answer in His Omnipotence and then in His Omnipresence, concepts not understood, how much more grasped by many a human being. It is in His Omniscience we can see the incomprehensible and inconceivable Wisdom of the Highest, God Almighty. And in the Omnipotence His Power which He dispenses out of His Wisdom.

We may at this juncture consider His Justice. This can easily be grasped if we understand the nexus between cause and effect. The relationship is hardly believed except we see it proven.


For any wrongdoing or harm done to us, we want to see instant justice. If there are gaps in the manifestation of deeds and justice, what many go away with is that there is no such relationship between cause and effect. Thus, unwittingly and out of ignorance, the Almighty Creator is being accused of arbitrariness. Those who believe in the Justice conclude that the absence of instant justice could mean man is being permitted some respite. Arbitrariness is impossible with God. This is simply because arbitrariness subtracts from perfection, and God is perfect.

According to enlightenment spreading from higher knowledge on earth in the present time, God Almighty does not directly intervene in the cares of men, whether these are small or great; not even in wars, in the devastation by hurricanes, storms, affliction by diseases, drought, plane crashes or shipwreck—that is in natural disasters or man-made afflictions. This must be surprising to many an individual. The Creator need not intervene because, from the very beginning, He has woven into Creation His Perfect Laws which are self-acting and incorruptible, forever taking effect uniformly, thus making preference and prejudice impossible. Through the activity of these laws, the visible effect of an action, be it through thought, volition, speech or deeds, must return to its place of origin, and to that person who, through one action or the other, initiated it. This is called the Law of Sowing and Reaping, better known as the Law of Reciprocal Action.

While going through the maturation process, this is reinforced through the Law of Similarity more correctly called the Law of Attraction of Ethereal Homogenous Species. Through the combined working of these laws, a man’s placement whether in the Beyond or in another earth’s life is determined. The condition under which he will live is concomitantly decided as well—whether he is to know joy or sorrow, whether to live in prosperity or want; in good health or in affliction by disease. The immutable justice of the Creator is satisfied with its minutest vibrations. This is what is generally known as karma.


In accordance with the Law of the Cycle, every effect is linked to its cause in the closing of that cycle. The end goes back to the beginning, heavily laden with goodies or with bags of misery. Thoughts, volition, and actions give rise to forms in their corresponding vibrational fields.

This is saying, in the words of a blessed personality, Dr. Richard Steinpach, “It is not God Who decides what may be in store for us: it is we ourselves who are responsible for what will and must strike us sooner or later in this or in future lives as a result of Creation Law of Reciprocal Action.”

He adds: “Suffering is nothing else but the consequence of individual or collective wrong conduct that is non-observance of the Creation-Laws… The self-acting principles have responded to your wrong conduct, they have reacted. And at the same time, this contains a loving reminder: That you must not do!… Although we are seldom aware of it, it is love, in the final analysis, that is the mainspring, wanting to spare the individual concerned further injury.”

What I am getting at is the often stated profound truth of life and existence but to which scant attention is paid, contained in the saying: “Man is the architect of his own fortune.” Today’s looting, killings, and stealing; today’s perfidy; today’s man’s inhumanity to man, all will inexorably be the karma of tomorrow, of the future, here or in another earth life. But the memories are veiled so that we can live normal lives and we won’t be able to work to the answer. The root causes of man’s afflictions and miseries today are baneful ignorance and obstinacy, ignorance to familiarize with the laws and heed them, and obstinacy in wanting to prove wiser than the Wisdom of God in His Omniscience and ignoring the mechanisms He has put in place to govern His Creation.

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