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Men addicted to alcohol, drugs are seven times likely to abuse their partners


Recent study has found that men with alcohol and drug problems are up to seven times more likely to abuse their partner.

The study published in PLOS-Medicine also revealed that men addicted to alcohol are six times more likely to be domestic abusers because they have less restraint.

Oxford researchers compared the rates of domestic abuse arrests among millions of Swedish men and found a higher prevalence among those who abuse substances.

They said drinking and drug use could cause a person to lose their inhibitions and turn to violence to solve arguments.


However, the researchers disclosed that mental illnesses and behavioural disorders, such as depression and ADHD, were also linked to abusive behaviour, including beating, intimidating, or sexually abuse.

The researchers said this might be because the man uses alcohol or drugs as a coping strategy.

The study tracked 140,000 men who had been clinically diagnosed with a drink or drug problem between January 1998 and December 2013.

Researchers compared how many had later been arrested for threatening, attacking or sexually assaulting their partners in a follow up period of 3.4 to 4.8 years.

The rates were compared with more than 2.7million men in the general population with a similar age profile.

The researchers also compared the alcohol and drug addicts to their siblings in order to see if their violence could be explained by factors such as family background or genetics.

The study found 1.7 per cent of men dependent on alcohol had subsequently been arrested for domestic abuse – six times higher than the general population.
For men with a drug problem, 2.1 per cent had been arrested, which was seven times higher than the general population.

They also found that there was still a heightened risk among men dependent on drink or drugs, suggesting the substances are the problem.

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