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Mind-Body relationship – Part 1




MIND-BODY relationship(1) There is a direct mind-body relationship in every individual otherwise what you call MAN will probably be a moron – an allusion to the issue of mental health. If the mental health is not right, the chances are that this will eventually take its toll on the physical health or bodily health.

If the condition of bodily health too is not right especially for a long time, it can affect mental health. This is the kernel of what we mean by MIND-BODY relationship. The mental which also includes the emotional must harmonize well with the functions of what you call the healthy functions of your being.

In other words for the average man to be in control of his well being as a healthy man, he must have a good understanding of how to coordinate both his mind and the body function. Let us take an example. Usually people don’t know what the role of fear is in bringing about the state of ill health.

Constant state of stress and the genesis of high blood pressure in these modern times could be located in the worries arising from the pervasive level of fear that dominates the environment of many people. It may worry you to know that it is not only high blood pressure that could be instigated by a perpetual condition of fear which of course embrace, worries, anxieties, doubts and so on, cancer, ulcer, migraine and many other bodily dysfunctions can also be related to it.

What I am trying to say is that FEAR is the product of our mind but you can see for yourself how much damage it can do to the structure of our body. This is the typical example of what is called MIND-BODY relationship. As the relationship can function negatively, it is in our profound interest to know that if we intelligently understand the process of their natural relationship like the bible says in Isaiah, you will be 100years old and you may still be classified as a young man. The body reflects all the negative effects you can see as sickness or ill-health. But nobody usually gives it a thought that the mind might have contributed to the manifested diseases. Many people do not know that there is a direct connection of digestion and health to the mind and this is where the topic of fear becomes of significance.

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