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Mothersbond cautions breastfeeding mothers against taking slimming teas



Mothersbond, a mother and childcare online platform has cautioned breastfeeding moms to be wary of taking slimming teas and slimming tablets while breastfeeding, stating that such products maybe harmful to the babies they are nursing.

Mothersbond’s Director of Customer Experience, Michael Osuji, in a statement issued in Lagos explained that while the company has nothing against slimming tea and herbs when used correctly and when used by those it was made for.

He added that the ripple effect on babies was the sole concern of the statement. The statement noted: “As promoters of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of baby’s life, many moms reach out to us that their babies are underweight despite exclusively breastfeeding them.


A close look at the diet of some of our moms have shown that in order to loose weight gained during pregnancy they opt for slimming teas and pills. What they do not realize is that their baby is also taking the slimming tea through the breast milk.

“Although we recognize that a baby’s weight has to do with genetics as well as nutrition, we shouldn’t be contributing to what we are complaining about.

Nigerian women are known to constantly compare their baby’s weight with that of the next child they see, forgetting that baby’s weight is not the only indication of health and wellbeing, so long the weight of the baby is within the approved weight range for the age.

Not all infants will be fat. This is why nurses and midwives take your baby’s weight each visit to be sure it is within the expected range for the age.”

Osuji advised: “If you wish to breastfeed, please don’t take slim tea….”

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