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Nissan gives facelift to Patrol Y62

By Editor
18 November 2016   |   4:12 am
Nissan has tweaked its flagship SUV Patrol Y62 with unprecedented zest and ergonomics.
Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol

Nissan has tweaked its flagship SUV Patrol Y62 with unprecedented zest and ergonomics.

Now fortified with a futuristic look that stands out for its unique combination of the most recent technologies and new design DNA, Nissan says, the Y62 would chart a new growth path for the brand in Africa.

Nissan isn’t sparing anything to make the new Patrol a delight of car buffs with added feelings of top quality, superb luxury and class leading comfort in the longest established nameplate on the 4WD (Four-wheel-drive) scene.

Assembled in Nigeria at the Stallion NMN plant in Lagos, the new Y62 Patrol as it’s fondly called epitomises Nissan’s tagline: ‘Innovation that excites.’

Car enthusiasts would discover Nissan has shifted attention to user friendliness and flexibility of design to meet customers’ demands for daily usage and leisure activities.

“The new Patrol adapts to the needs of consumers by breaking away from its ‘previous off-roader’ status to become urbane-friendly SUV with far more refined proposition that offers a dramatically improved ride quality and fuel economy than its predecessor.”

Stallion NMN head of sales and marketing, Amit Sharma gave further insights to the new Y62, he described as a technological savvy SUV with all the expectancy of a luxury sedan.

He said the ambient lighting inside the Patrol welcomes the driver and occupants and creates an ambience of luxury and convenience that also turn off the lights automatically after 30 seconds.

The Patrol isn’t just redefined luxury but imbued with all the trappings of opulence. Sharma said the quieter cabin was achieved using laminated glass, high tech insulation, aerodynamic design and rigid body while the cooling air from the side curtain vents significantly reduce sun heat from the side windows.

The inside temperature can be cooled down from 50 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius in three minutes,” the Stallion NMN sales and marketing helmsman added.

But why is the Patrol uniquely different from competitions? The automaker says: “the goal of the Patrol was to deliver power to the road in the most effective way possible.”

Some of the new technologies used include Independent Dual Wishbone Suspension in front and rear; Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC); large diameter tyres; high body rigidity; large brake discs and callipers with hydraulic booster.

The HBMC, which is rarely offered in most SUVs provides secure driving situations in the Patrol to guard against rollover when cornering at higher speed, thus ensuring better handling and control.

However, in off road driving, a different effect is sought to ensure wheels on one side or opposite sides of the vehicle always remain in contact with the surface to maintain traction (one vehicle, two different suspension requirements.) Suffice to say the Patrol is the first SUV to use HBMC system which is a superior system to the KPSS system in competitions.

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