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Proposals For Ameliorating The Rate Of PSTD


Post-traumatic-stress-disorderTaking a deliberate holiday or period of rest can be beneficial to victims of post-traumatic stress disorders. Preferably, it will be advisable that one moves out into a new environment. Such a change of environment will facilitate freedom of choice in diverse aspects of life. It will also encourage the evolution of fresh ideas and visions. In simple terminology, take a vacation in a different environment. Don’t allow the challenges of paying bills, the consequences of taking a vacation on your career or family to hinder you from using this potent therapeutic tool. Against all odds, go and rest for awhile. You will experience refreshment and renewal of strength.

Engaging in vacation can be combined with involvement in physical exercise. However this should be managed and monitored by experts to avoid unnecessary exertion that may led to exhaustion or endangering of the victim’s already fragile health status.

Victims of PTSD can also benefit immensely from studying. This can range from reading for leisure to studying to expand the elasticity of the mind. Interaction with different ideas of great authors will enrich and entertain the mind. The result would be some form of healing and restoration to the brokenness of the heart. Also such exposure of the mind to the experiences of others can act as a catalyst to help the victims of PTSD take useful personal decisions, which could be therapeutic.

Meditation, particularly the guided type can be an invaluable tool for those suffering from PSTD. The challenge with engaging in meditation is that the victim may resort to relieving the negative experiences that characterized the stressful situations. Effort must be made to channel the mind into thinking positive and productive thoughts. This demands a lot of discipline and self control. Achieving mind control is a challenging endeavor, which demands determination and perseverance.

The dead sea acquired such a terrible status majorly because it symbolises selfishness. In other words, the dead sea is a dustbin or dumping ground which receives but never gives out. In relation to obtaining relief from PTSD, victims shall benefit from the principle of altruism. Depending on the degree of psychopathology, getting involved in humanitarian activities will facilitate the restorative process of victims of PTSD. As ironic as it sounds, getting involved or even lost in the process of providing succour for others will bring the personal reward of securing our own healing.

Finally, victims of post-traumatic stress disorders should seek for professional help. Depending on the degree of the disorder, generally victims of PTSD will benefit from the professional services of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and genuine religious leaders. Never allow the cost of treatment deter you from getting adequate professional help. As we all know, ignorance is dearer than the cost of acquiring knowledge.

Dr. Amaraegbu, a clinical psychologist lives in Lagos.

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