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Reasons you should skip to keep fit


Skipping is a fun exercise that is easily adaptable and can be done just about anywhere. Below I highlight some of the amazing benefits and reasons why skipping should be part of your weekly workout routines.

In our fast pace world where fitness promises are sometimes broken or even brought to a halt. It is important to have workout options that easily fit into your daily routine without stress. One of these options is skipping. Unknown to many, the jump rope is a powerful workout tool and is also one of the best go-to fitness accessories that’s cost effective and portable. Skipping is a fun exercise that is easily adaptable and can be done just about anywhere. Below I highlight some of the amazing benefits and reasons why skipping should be part of your weekly workout routines.

An improved heart rate
Skipping improves blood circulation as well as cardiac output. It is one of the best forms of cardio which basically contributes to a healthy and happy heart. The cardiovascular framework includes your heart, arteries and veins which help circulate oxygenated blood from the heart to other organs of the body and back. Skipping enhances the capacity of this framework and causes an optimum function of the cardiovascular system. You will observe over time, that you’ll no longer experience shortness of breath or quick fatigue when carrying out your various activities as stamina is built over time.

Muscle toning in the lower and upper body
Skipping helps to tone the muscles around the lower and upper body. If you’re new to it, you may experience some soreness in your legs and thighs the first few days, but don’t back out, it gets better each day. The soreness experienced is as a result of inactive muscles over a long period of time. So don’t back out just yet, when you feel some sort of soreness in your thighs and limbs. Keep Skipping!


An amazing tool for Weight Loss
It is a great tool to achieve a considerable amount of weight loss. Skipping for about 30 minutes can burn roughly 300 or more calories depending on your weight. To lose a pound each week, you would have to skip for 30minutes consistently and cut out about 400 calories from your diet. This may appear difficult and impossible in the beginning but it will set the tone for weight loss in the most beneficial way.

Helps Improve the Skin
One of the secrets to having beautiful skin is exercising. With the busyness of life, not everybody has the time to hit the gym to break a sweat but the best possible form of exercise that can be done at home without major equipment is skipping. It aids the reduction of acne and causes the skin to glow by increasing the blood flow/circulation, it provides nutrients to the skin and flushes out of unwanted toxins.

Keeps a Check on Osteoporosis by Improving Bone DensityOsteoporosis is a condition where the bones become fragile and susceptible to fracture. Bone mass experiences decrease after the age of 35, and bone loss occurs more rapidly in women after menopause. Skipping stimulates the bones, best in the femoral neck which helps to strengthen it. The medium impact of skipping increases bone density, and isn’t as hard on your joints as running because the impact of each jump is absorbed by both legs. (NOTE: Individuals who are already suffering from osteoporosis should avoid skipping as it may worsen their condition)

Helps Attain Balance, Coordination and Agility.
Skipping on the balls of your feet connects body with mind which makes “neural muscular adjustments” to keep you balanced and agile. It improves your balance and quickness/coordination by making your mind focus on your feet for sustained periods of time, even if you’re not conscious of it. Boxers and athletes know this and this is the reason why skipping is one of their favourite training exercise.


Skipping is a Full Body Workout
Skipping is a full body workout as practically all body parts are being utilized during the process. Your legs, abs, arms, heart and mind are being worked. It increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm.

In order to spice up your skipping routine, try different variations such as running while skipping, skipping on one leg, doing a double under which is passing the rope under your feet twice before you land, or folding your arms as you skip. These varieties can be challenging, but they will give you a fun objective. Over all, it is one of the cheapest, most effective, calorie burning workouts you can engage in, and it is fun too. So, what’s stopping you? Skip to optimal health!

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