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Science to cage death


Death has been an enigma from the very beginning of life on earth. What is death? Why do people die? Must people die? What can be done to halt it, delay it or abolish it altogether?

Why can we not throw rockets at death so it can leave us alone, indeed leave all living creatures alone?

If we know the cause of death and eliminate it, does it signal the prospect of one day being able to abolish and say, “Death where is thy sting…?” Is that day coming when we human beings will, in triumphal jubilation, say to death, “Shame on you?”


These are questions we have been grappling with since the ancient of days. In all nations, we are pre-occupied with the issue of death.

Because it is a stubborn occurrence that will not go away soon, there is a part of science that is now primarily concerned with death. It is called thanatology. Millions of dollars have been poured into doing research into the act of dying and death.

Death strikes cold shivers into the spine of multitudes. A great many avoid cemeteries and equally as many avoid processions in which pallbearers dance from one side of the road to the other, carrying caskets on their shoulders.

Children die; old people die and many pass away in their prime, when they have everything going for them. In different parts of the world, people die from all manner of causes, from road or air crashes, or at sea.

Many die in war, and many in hospitals. Some die in their sleep. When children are born, there is the prayer that they may grow old and outlive their parents.

It is a great pain verging on the unbearable for parents to see their children go before them. And for the children, regardless of age, the realisation of the definitive parting at the grave side hits them with the weight of lead. Death is such a great unknown. Not a few regard it as a blessing to look forward to jubilantly.

The generality of people regard death as a curse and punishment. Death is feared. For us in parts of Africa, it is the enemies who have done their worst. The question, therefore, is what happens in death and where do we go when we die?

So far, all regard death as an inevitability. It is at the other end of the pole of life. He who is born will one day die. That is our experience; that is what everybody has been brought up to recognize and uphold.

However, two scientists have just released a report in which they spoke with certainty about the Death of Death come 2045. Published in the digital media, the report goes in part as follows: “Dying will be ‘optional’ within just 27 years and the ageing process will be ‘reversible,’ according to two genetic engineers during the presentation of their new book in Barcelona.

Jose Luis Cordeiro, born in Venezuela to Spanish parents, and Cambridge (UK) mathematician David Wood, founders of the operating system “Symbian”, have just published The Death of Death and say immortality is a real and scientific possibility that could come much earlier than originally thought. Humans will only die in accidents, never of natural causes or illness, by around the year 2045.”

They say it is crucial to start classifying old age as an illness so that there can be more extended publicly-funded research into it. They are predicating their assertion of immortality on genetic manipulation techniques which would “involve turning ‘bad’ genes into healthy ones, eliminating dead cells from the body, repairing damaged cells, treatments with stem cells and ‘printing’ vital organs in 3D.”

Cordeiro who is of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States is reported to have “chosen not to die in 30 years’ time, and to boot, he ‘will be younger than he is today.’

There are other scientific arguments they canvass that give them the confidence that ageing can be reversed. They say for example: “Ageing is the result of DNA ‘tails, known as ‘telomeres’, in chromosomes—of which every cell except red blood and sex cells has 23 pairs—becoming shorter, and reversing ageing involves lengthening the telomeres.

Telomeres become damaged and shortened with the passage of time, a process that speeds up in the event of toxins entering the body—smoking, alcohol and air pollution are among elements that reduce the length of telomeres, thus accelerating ageing.”

According to the digital publication, “Cordeiro and Wood believe that within 10 years, illnesses such as cancer will be curable…”

Over centuries, science has brought dramatic revolution into the wellbeing of mankind.

Science has been employed to eliminate all manner of diseases; it has expanded man’s nutritional awareness and knowledge and brought about giant medical strides the combined effect of which is improvement in man’s manner of living, the art of healing and certainty of health remedies in general. Life expectancy has self-evidently been raised very high in all lands.

For instance, life expectancy in the United States in 1900 -1902 was 47.9 years for men and 50.7 years for women. By 2006, this has risen to 75.1 years for men and 80.2 for women. National life expectancy is put at 78.8 years.

Germany was 79.9 in 2006 and has gone up to 81.09 in 2016, for men 78.7 and for female 83.4. Canada is 82 years compared to 50 at the turn of the century.

In the United Kingdom life expectancy is 81 years. Nigeria is 54.5 with expectancy for women standing at 55.6 and men 53.4, according to WHO figures.

In Ghana it is 62.4. Somalia is 55 years.

Since there can be no standstill in life as all life is motion, further development of science will also be a product of the Law of Movement.

Therefore, there is no doubt about it that we have not seen the ultimate in the wonders of science and scientific discoveries. Whether we should expect the Death of Death is, however, a different kettle of fish.

All matters, by which are meant material substance, are perishable. The body of man is a product of gross matter animated only by the spirit which uses it as its garment.

Every man on earth is consisted of body, soul and spirit. The core of man is spirit. The physical body and the soul are dependent on the spirit.

The core of the soul is the spirit. The soul is made up of finer coverings around the spirit. The physical body is the coarse covering around the soul of which the spirit is the core.

Therefore, man is spirit. Every garment has tenure no matter how beautiful it may be; a time arrives when it is thrown away.

It could be torn, or it can be discarded because it is too old and can no longer serve the purpose for which it was acquired.

In the same way, no matter the degree of care we may give to the body, a time comes when the soul, no longer in need of it, discards it.

In addition, by way of a crude illustration, no matter how beautiful, no matter how well cared for the flowing garment we wear in the tropics is, we throw it away when we are headed for Iceland where we would need a different kind of dress to fight cold and keep warm.

Our sojourn on earth is not designed to be permanent. Life on earth is a school. When we have completed the course in one we move to the other—from the primary to secondary and to tertiary.

Similarly a man moves from the earth to the beyond when his time of schooling to develop spiritual maturity through learning to do and internalize the Will of God on earth is up.

It is either he passes or he is expelled. He enters the beyond as a soul, manifesting there in another garment, the ethereal covering. The goal is paradise and it is only the spirit in spiritual raiment that is admissible there, spirits who have learnt to do the Will of the Most High and are living it without second thoughts.

Other coverings would have been dropped along the way. All the bodies are telescoped into one physical body for manifestation and for the activity of the spirit on earth.

The body, therefore, though a sacred gift that must be catered for, is a tool of the spirit here on earth.

The earthly body is dropped and to enter beyond, the ethereal tool already present, but hidden from physical eyes, manifest to take up its job in the beyond which is less dense than the earth, indeed, lighter.

That care of the body is what we see to through the instrumentality of development in science which can only grapple with the physical.

In the enlightenment contained in higher knowledge on the face of the earth today, the union of the soul and the physical body is through radiations.

The union is no merger. When there is deficiency in the mediation by the body due to illness, we say the person is down or he is under the weather.

If the illness is prolonged, since the soul cannot indefinitely go on using a deficient tool, it walks out of the body which is what we refer to as death. The radiations may weaken owing to old age resulting in imbalance in radiation exchange between the soul and the body.

The medics do us a whole world of good through science or herbal remedies to restore the radiations. Those who are given the gift of healing through prayers of intercession or through placing hand on the person who is ill, in what the new knowledge calls Magnetic Healing may redress the imbalance.

In all cases, it is the body which ultimately heals itself. What is afforded the sick is strength for the body to heal itself.

If the deficiency of radiations comes from the soul, from the spirit, it means the radiation is weakened and dimmed from predominantly materialistic pursuits, when no or little attention is given to the spiritual.

This can result in cancer affliction or in a young promising man suddenly dropping dead and the whole community begins to wonder. What such indicates is that the physical body has been denied nourishment of spiritual radiations.

It has been severely hampered through uncanny materialistic attitude from looking up and keeping awake the longing for the Spiritual Realm which is Paradise. The longing for its home in paradise is ever consistent with its nature.

The body radiation diminishes when we sleep and the union with the soul is loosened. It can then not be a surprise when sleep is called the younger brother of death.

In his exceedingly invaluable work, “How is it that we Live after Death and What is the Meaning of Life”, Dr. Richard Steinpach says: “The brain current shows up to 30 cycles per second in the wakening state. In sleeping persons it drops to half a cycle per second in the course of falling asleep.

But at the same time the heartbeat, respiration, blood-pressure and body temperature also diminish. The body economy is maintained only on a “pilot –light”.

Research has thereby established the outward signs of a weakening of all vital functions, naturally also accompanied by a weakening of the body’s radiation, which is dependent on these vital functions…this diminished body-radiation makes possible the loosening of the soul.”

A child may come bringing help to a woman who has longed ardently for children but whose fallopian tube may have been blocked. In answer to her ardent supplication, a soul may be sent to bring help through its radiations to clear her blocked tube.

After the soul has fulfilled its mission, what do we expect the child to hang around doing? It is recalled. The mother, lacking understanding, becomes inconsolable.

However, within a year subsequently, she has another baby, and year after year, she is blessed with more babies. How can science be conceived to stop such a death, the return to higher planes of a soul who has fulfilled its mission?

At death, the soul throws away its garment called the body to enter the beyond, another material plain, albeit lighter. Its new garment, known as ethereal cloak, makes it possible for the soul to penetrate the walls of the house to go its way.

The sojourn of each person has a tenure which can be lived through uninterrupted to the end aided by science or shortened where health care is inefficient or deficient.

Once the tenure is over, the soul departs in what we call death no matter how great the medical technologies are. Science itself derives its content from matter. What science can do is to raise life expectancy as it is doing.

It can prevent through timely intervention death could have resulted from carelessness or ignorance and bad health habits or communicable diseases.

It can help prolong life through engendering improved standard of living. We can see that because of higher standard of living life expectancy in the Western World is higher than what obtains in the developing world.

But science cannot add a day for a man whose time is up. Matter is matter. Because the body is matter it dissolves into matter regardless of whatever attempts by scientific inventions may be. It is a law which no scientific wizardry can overthrow.

The whole of Creation is governed by immutable Laws which may be called Natural Laws or Cosmic Laws. They are perfect, unchangeable and incorruptible. They ensure order in life or death and they are self-acting because they are living, giving expression to life, power and the Will of the Most High God.

Therefore, bringing Death to Death is a pipe dream. Not when for some people death is, in fact, immense progress, a giant stride in fulfillment through life’s journeys to longed for Heights!!

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