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Why do I need coaching for every area of life?


Lanre Olusola

Before going deep into today’s topic, it is important to understand the basics.

What is coaching?
Coaching is a phenomenal practice, which deals with guiding or directing people from where they are to where they DESIRE to be. Every human being has life goal(s) and aspirations, but only a few people end up achieving these goals. There are different kinds of coaches; depending on which area of life a person desires change. For example, there are Finance Coaches, Peak Performance Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Sex Coaches, Coaches for Kids and much more. You need a coach for every area of your life.

What does a coach do?
The work of a coach is to guide you from your current state to a level where you can fully maximize your potentials. I used the phrase ‘desire’ earlier because a person needs to be intentionally responsible for their life, before requiring the help of a coach for guidance.

An individual who wants to see a transformational and lasting change in his or her life needs a coach because a coach helps:
• to clarify your ambitions;
• find out your success model;
• identify your strengths;
• work on your weakness and
• builds you to achieve peak performance.

A lot of people have plans, dreams, goals and ambitions but do not know how to go about it. At the end, they get frustrated and give up along the way. Excuses begin to emerge, such as: “it was not for me”; “it was not meant to be”; “the job was not for me” and much more. All this would have been prevented if there were a coach involved from the beginning. A coach sees what you cannot see, he views things from a different perspective, guides you because a person’s perspective is power. Once you can see it right, you can do it right.

There are different issues that affect success and performance. The two listed out are:
1. A person’s state of mind
2. Having a poor strategy.


The beauty of having a coach as a guide is that, he or she covers both Strategy and State of Mind.
A lot of people tend to have un-resourceful mental states which means that sometimes a person might not be striving in a particular area or project because of his or her state of mind or the perspective the individual has. A coach helps you to reframe your mental state, stimulates your thinking and helps you strategize by asking the right questions, such as: “Are you checking your realistic options”? “Are you making sensible analysis”? One of the joys of a coach is having a person come with a lot of questions and issues, but leave with so much fulfillment and answers. Their state of mind is completely changed because of the presence of a coach. A coach helps you to see your capacity based on the various questions you will be asked. Growing up our parents were there for guidance, at our places of work, we have people who train us. But in life, it feels like it’s very easy to wake up, dream and become automatically successful. You need a life coach.

You are the author of your story and at any point in time, you can edit the story the way you want it to be and create new chapters to get a better ending. But to achieve this you need a life coach. A lot of people are not winning in life because they don’t know how to go about it. Instead of being in the same rot for so long, get yourself a certified life coach.

Do not live in doubt and ignorance, be intentional about winning. You can even go a step further, and get yourself the basic knowledge, skills and tools required to become a coach. YES! YOU TOO CAN BECOME A COACH- so you can help yourself and others become more. Sign up for our Life Coaching and NLP Combo Program running from 14th – 21st of May 2018. For more information, call us on 08077077000 or send an email to

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