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Social media and Blue One: a match made in heaven


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of promoting an online store? Most people will say they will create an official website and start a page on Facebook and Instagram. That’s social media marketing in a nutshell. Social media now plays such a crucial role that you can’t think of any other marketing strategies ahead of social media marketing. And it’s worth the hype also. The amount of revenue it generates shows why thousands of brands keep coming back to this marketing strategy.


For Blue One, the transition from referral marketing to social media marketing was a huge step. Blue One is one of the most popular luxurious boutiques in NYC and Hamptons. It sells d├ęcor and self-care products, clothes, and accessories. Crystal and Jarret, the owners, say that they have seen the best of both worlds. What they mean is, they have witnessed Blue One rise to popularity both by traditional marketing and social media marketing techniques.

Marketing in 2007

Hardly anyone talked about social media in 2007. It was still a new thing for everyone, and no one could imagine that they could promote their Facebook brand. Those who had a Facebook account only knew how to upload their pictures and comment on their friends’ photos.

Crystal and Jarret also didn’t know about social media marketing then. They relied only on referrals. The couple would encourage their customers to share their feedback directly and tell others if they liked their products. They had to survive in the cut-throat competition without spending fortunes on marketing strategies.


Transition to social media

As social media became popular, people started promoting their businesses on Facebook. Crystal and Jarret never stepped away from trying something new for Blue One. Soon, they opened Blue One’s Facebook page. It was the start of a new marketing strategy for them.

Crystal said, “We weren’t sure what to post from our page initially. It was all too overwhelming for us. We researched how others use social media to promote their brands and then tried to implement what we learned. We did start to see a hike in sales volume. But it wasn’t a remarkable change. However, the last few years were just crazy. Our business has almost tripled, thanks to social media marketing. We now understand what we need to post and our audience’s reactions. Honestly, we didn’t expect such a significant change. But we would also want to thank our customers who stood by us since 2007. They have seen us grow and supported us at every step.”

Apart from Facebook, Blue One also has an Instagram page with thousands of followers. You can find out about their latest arrivals, expansion news, seasonal discount offers, and stock clearance offers from their social media pages.

Jarret and Crystal think that social media continues to play a crucial role in Blue One’s growth. They consider social media as Blue One’s better half, considering how it has transformed not only their business but their entire lives.


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