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Star coach & bodybuilder Eric Janicki shares his secrets with ambitious clients


Name an industry that looks more saturated that the world of fitness and coaching – you’ll have a hard time. But, to take an honest assessment, we also have to consider the quality of the variety of offered programs. One of Hollywood’s most demanded coaches is currently exposing the weaknesses and lack of depth of other programs, by offering his very own.

It’s not a new industry and it’s one that probably had its most expansive phase of growth about 10 years ago. Countless fitness enthusiasts, influencers and coaches are already providing courses, everybody has their ‘secret’ formula to share. However, most of what they provide is something you could compare to the ‘average’ or ‘normal’ for the fitness industry. Classic ‘eat more of this and less of this’ and ‘hit the gym 4-5 times a week’ might lead some to their wanted results, though too often they ignore valid and important aspects of physical and mental health and lack sustainability. For those clients, a few Youtube tutorials and a few weeks of dedication might save a lot of money.


However, Eric Janicki’s Faction Training is about liberating clients, and approaches a high profile, driven clientele. It teaches and provides them the holistic knowledge to ensure that they are capable enough not only to reach but to sustain their results for as long as they want. The objective isn’t to retain clients or sell products too much. Eric and his team work on enlightening the clients about topics such as gut health, mental health, nutrition models, the right training methods and intervals, realistic goals and how to implement them into a packed business schedule.

A Meticulous Module For New Standards In The Fitness Industry
People often overstate the importance of external motivation. It is a short-lived surge that results in the requirement of a higher input every time. Eric Janicki and his five coaches are going much further than that. They tackle the underlying issues of each individual person. By exploring and approaching different aspects of health, existing habits and daily routines, they find a tailored way to guide a new lifestyle into an existing one.

The team is constantly working to maintain and even enhance their quality of services. Janicki is a driving force behind the expansion of Faction Training.


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