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Tackling obesity naturally (2)


Logo-NannapH and obesity
I concluded the first part of this article in last Thursday’s edition of The Guardian Newspaper by stating thus:

The food that we eat, being over-cooked, always renders our bodies acidic. Also, considering the fact that most people do not drink water, rather they prefer things like the sweetened, carbonated and caffeinated beverages. These also render their bodies acidic. On a long term therefore, our bodies have become chronically acidified, setting the stage for obesity.

The reason why you are fat is because of all that has been going through your mouth [food and drinks] into your body. As I have pointed out in the past, our method of preparing the meals that we eat renders them dead by the time they get to the dining table. The food has been so over-cooked as to kill all the nutrients and vitamins in it. This kind of food, otherwise referred t as ‘dead’ food is highly acidic [low pH anywhere from 0 – 6.9.] This is a serious matter as the acids in the body cause a destruction of the cells of the tissues and organs. With excess acid in circulation, the body has to protect itself from the destruction by these acids. It is well known that fat cells in the body bind the acid in circulation.

The reason why the body produces or retains fat in the first place, is to help transport the acid to the sites where they are eliminated; acids are eliminated from the intestines, the skin and the urinary system.

Secondly, as not all the acids get eliminated, some amount of acid is stored in the fat cells where they can be buffered and neutralized. Looking at it therefore from another perspective, the fat in the body is doing a positive and good job in the short term. As the fat cells store the acid, they are actually protecting the body against acid destruction. However, this positive job will eventually give way to a negative one as more and more acid is released and accumulate in the body. A lot of fat will have to be produced, absorbed and retained as excess acid accumulates.

Excessive acid accumulation as we know is as a result of dehydration, which renders the circulation slow and sluggish. Not only that, availability of oxygen to the cells become impaired, leading to a reduction in the rate of metabolism and incomplete metabolism. Incomplete metabolism creates more acid waste in the body. As the oxygen supply to the cells continues to fall, food will begin to get rotten in the bowels causing the release of more toxic and acidic wastes in the body.

Also, because there’s not enough oxygen, fermentation of the food takes over. Fermentation causes the production of molds, fungus and yeasts all over the body. These are living organisms that compete for nutrients with the normal cells in the body, producing more acid in the process. With more acid, more fat cells will be required to store them.

Furthermore, we find that the cells of the body begin to perform their roles of energy production, production and secretion of hormones and other chemical transmitters, poorly. The end result is that the body goes into a vicious cycle leading to excess fat in the body (obesity), sluggishness, fatigue, fungal infection and other diseases. The genesis of all these is that you were not drinking sufficient water in the first place. When you begin to drink water, as you should, the blood circulation will improve and the acids will be eliminated as fast as they are produced.

Without acid accumulating in the body, the need for fat to bind the acid in a bid to protect the body against destruction will no longer be there. For one, the fat deposits will melt away when they are no longer binding acid. There are no fat deposits in the body without acid bound to them.

Therefore, if there is no acid in the body, there will also be no fat deposits that could cause excess weight gain. In continuation of the causes of obesity in next week Thursday’s edition of The Guardian Newspaper, I shall be discussing the role of energy production in the brain and the deception of sweeteners in the causation of obesity.

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