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The enigma of a tea girl


Tea on an office table

During the week, an interesting story of an office tea girl was sent to me.

This girl helped her company to solve the most troubling problem which many enterprises in production grapple with on a daily basis —thievery! Farm hands make away with eggs, fish or snails.

In garment industries, shirts, trousers, singlets disappear. Whether in pharmaceutical or food industries, the story is the same.


In newspaper houses, there is short packing or round tripping of copies. The story sent to me is about an underwear company.

It was announced gleefully that the enigmatic tea girl thought a solution out of the box. The report goes as follows:

“The owner of an underwear making company was having a tough time with shortages of its products.

On their departure for home, the bags of workers were searched thoroughly and everything always seemed ok.

Yet, everything was not ok; things were just not adding up. All security measures you can think of were put in place.

Auditors were called in, still no one was caught and stock continued to disappear.

All workers, including management, were checked on departure, each person was found wearing just one underwear, and no one was caught with more than one pair.

Then one day, a very junior worker, a tea girl, thought out of the box and spoke to her boss, and the security officer was asked to check all workers on arrival.

He got the shock of his life when he found that all the workers, including management, had no underwear on them.

Today, she is the head of Innovation and Strategy at the factory and Associated Group of Companies!”

I must state that it is not the verity of the story in part or in whole that is at issue or of much interest to this column. There are many unanswered questions on the report.


For instance, how large is the factory? The factory hands as in all such production hall and loading bay cannot consist solely of women or men.

There would be ladies for light work, wrappings, sealing and parceling in the production hall and men to operate the machines.

It is most unlikely that there will be no hints to management from a member of staff with conscience about what goes on in the factory changing rooms.

In this day and age, where there is such large-scale pilferage, it is inconceivable that there would be no CTV cameras in the production hall and the warehouse.

Is it plausible that all workers would leave their homes without putting on underwear? Would management staff also come to work without putting on underwears, fixing their gaze on only company products to steal?

Questions and more questions.

It should be made plain that we cannot dismiss the entire story as fit only for the spikes.

It is the scale in one fell swoop and that all workers would come putting on no underwear that must make the reader or hearer of the report to wrinkle his face.

That there would be no single worker to drop hints out of nudging conscience to the management would seem farfetched.


Although we may not take the report, line, hook and sinker, we cannot gloss over the gems contained in it.

The point of interest to this column, therefore, is the intrinsic value of the report: Did the tea girl think out of the box? Certainly not! The solution she came up with only reminds us of the gift and power of intuition which never goes.

It is a different matter if the intuition is overlaid with dross. Then its communication is muffled, confused or unclear.

The intuition is generally referred to as the sixth sense. Men carry it. Women bear it.

Everyone would have experienced his intuition at one time or the other.

We almost all the time struggle with it and ignore it. When that happens, we turn around to bite our lips or fingers and say lamentably: ‘Oh If I had known.

Something told me to do it the other way round but I chose not to!’ It is the voice of the spirit, more generally called the inner voice. Every human being is a spirit.

The body is the vessel in which the spirit dwells during its sojourn on earth.

The quality of the spirit is such that it is capable of experience beyond time and space. Nothing demonstrates this more than when we sleep and we dream.

The intuition is sharper in women than in men. Because of unremitted material pursuits of today the intuitive perception is dimmed or is completely shut out, suppressed.

In its outworking it flashes in pictures in the hind brain. T


he stirring of the spirit which is engendered by its experience is communicated to the soul and the solar plexus passing through the heart to the back brain.

We learn from the unique higher knowledge available on earth today that it is the inner voice arising from the stirring of the spirit that produces deep inner feelings and part conscience.

The other part of conscience comes from the quiet working of kind helpers in the beyond who give gentle urgings in guidance and warning.

The helpers in the beyond are disincarnate human spirits who are still close to the earth.

Because they are no longer in the flesh their own intuitive faculty works vibrantly and unbounded and so are in a position to give effective advice, guidance and warnings as the case may be.

To every human being is attached a helper. The intuitive perception works with the speed of lightning!

Because of the richer spiritual make-up of women which links them with higher realms to form a bridge for a flow of Light radiations to unhinge mankind from dark influences and ennoble men and our world in general, their intuition is sharper.

With it they are able to guide men accurately on the company to keep or go into business with, when to travel and when not to venture out of the home.

In the olden days it was women who would first know if war was in the horizon. The first thing they would do was to begin to store up salt.


Such is the place of the woman that in the recognition of the Yoruba, in every major town in their land, there is a woman as a member of Oba-in-Council. She is called Iyalode.

The most prominent and most visible today is Alaba Lawson, the Iyalode of Egba, Abeokuta.

There is the well-received play of Efunsetan A Ni Se Wura, a story about a one-time Iyalode of Ibadan.

To the modern man, these are fairy tales. The modern woman wants to be president; she is a minister, prime minister, senator, an aircraft pilot, jet bomber flyer, train driver etc. The world has witnessed many women presidents and prime ministers. There are footballers and we clap for them.

The sing song is what a man can do a woman can do it better. This may be true as it pertains only to the fields of activities assigned to women by the Creator—those areas in which they naturally swing. Because of the failure of women in their assigned roles, the world is upside down and in danger of destruction.

Unknown to them and to men as well, aping men in their masculine activities ultimately does incalculable harm to the women.

Where are the Esthers of our time? Where is the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate’s wife? She said to her husband at the most crucial hour, during the trial of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Have nothing to do with the death of that man. I have been dreaming bad dreams all night. He is innocent.”


The statement credited to the wife of President Charles De Gaulle is not without immeasurable significance. She said to him: “Charles, you rule France, and I rule this house, including you!”

Johanne Verdon-Labelle wrote: “Why do women need to be in politics when they can work above politics?” She argues that men exercise executive power, women hold the authority.

What the tea girl has used in guiding her company is her intuition which does not ever go wrong if it is not caged through mindless material pursuits. Evidently, hers is neither caged nor coarsened.

It is fresh; it is unclogged nor is it sullied. With her uncorrupted intuitive perception, she was able to clearly hear her inner voice to save her company.

Hopefully, the time will soon come when women will return to their post of guiding humanity, and lift them out of the present-day chaos and confusion, to a world that will know peace and orderliness.

The young girl has given us hints about the power of women!! We have her to thank for reminding us.

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