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The glorious season of love is here


The Season is unmistakable. No one can fail to be touched by the beauty, the splendor and the feeling of lightness, of upliftment which are inherent and are, indeed, the features of Christmas. What with the Christmas carols that rend the air everywhere, in the day and piercing the night, gripping the souls; the decorations, the glitters that abound and dazzle! Christmas is here! Tons of Christmas salutations through photographs and videos went out; they were shared—among friends, among neighbours, among acquaintances, colleagues and relations. Name them. From near and far, they came. Thanks to the wonders of technology. There is dancing and rejoicing. There is sharing. It is truly the Season of Love.

In the series published in this column, building up to the wondrous Season, it was stated that the Jews were the first people to come to the recognition of the genuine One God through the revelation which Abraham received about 1800 BC. This was reaffirmed and consolidated with the revelation of The Ten Commandments of God which Moses received on Mount Sinai in 1250 BC after rescuing the Jewish people from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt. With the recognition and consciousness of One true God the soil was prepared for the coming of the Lord Christ, the Son of God in their midst, being the closest to truth. Historians were to say that the process of recognition took about 13 centuries. Even with the recognition a great many were from time to time beset with doubts.

The doubts and wrong practices did not disappear in one fell swoop even with the coming of the Son of God, Jesus in their midst. It took Emperor Constantine victory in war to be convinced that his protection from and rooting of his enemies was by the God of Christianity. It was not until the emergence of Emperor Theodosius that all heathen practices and ceremonies were finally banned. In between them there were struggles by successive emperor—from Emperor Constantine to Constantius to Julian to Emperor Gratius over whether or not to remove the statue of goddess Victoria erected in the Roman Senate. Constantine stopped the persecution of Christians and initiated the building of places of worship, but played safe on the removal of the Victoria statue. Constantius was the first to dare it. Emperor Julian restored it back to the Senate altar. Emperor Gratius removed it again. Theodosius did the final nailing on the coffin of goddess Victoria. He did the final removal from the Senate.

This is one of the reasons that some churches in error decline to celebrate Christmas, dismissing it as a ceremony built on the foundation of idol worship, while others such as Mountain of Fire church, say Christ was not born on 25 December. Christian faith first took firm root in Rome at the time of Emperor Nero with the presence of Apostles Peter and Paul, although the faith originated in Palestine. It is easy for the struggles and persecution the early Christians and churches went through to fade today from memory when as in the case of Emperor Constantine, for example, he had to play the balancing act. It is true Christendom does not yet agree on the actual date of the birth of the Lord. However, if you have a Festive Season in which millions of people are swept by the powerful but indiscernible urge to bow their spirits in worshipful adoration of the Most High in thanksgiving, there can be nothing but jubilation in joining the millions united in their volition, turning their gaze upwards in reverential awe and worship of God.

The recognition of true One God by the Jews got polished and sharpened with the emergence of Prophets who admonished and guided the Jewish people namely Elijah, 850 BC; Amos 750 BC and Isaiah, 740 BC; and many more for the preparation and enrichment of the soil on which the Lord was to set foot and for connection with the Light Realm to be taut. The experiences were harrowing whenever they deviated from the teachings and the admonitions of the Prophets. They were defeated in war; they were taken into captivity and exiled to Babylonia after they were overcome by Nebuchadnezzar, for example. With the fierce inner struggle with themselves, and defeat in war, they came to the painful recognition that they had to hold on to the Covenant. They came to the knowledge that the Nature Beings were servants of God and their worship of gods and goddesses and the cults built around them began to give way.

And the Lord came, and the Rays of the Star of Bethlehem spread far and wide. The Wise Men came from the East following the unique Star which stood over the Birth Place, signposting It. Why did the Lord Christ come? This is the question that must agitate all minds until the right answer is found and conviction arises out of its verity for a great many. Why did the Lord Jesus come? What is the nature of His Being, His Essence?

Humanity was erring, enmeshed as it were, in sins and the danger of damnation was staring everyone in the face. War was the order of the day. It was chaos and confusion. The teachings of the Prophets and Teachers of mankind had been ignored. It was total deviation from the path of spiritual development. It was seen by the Almighty Creator that wayward humanity was destined for annihilation if they were not afforded urgent help to redirect them on to the right and beneficial path. So, Christ came on an urgent Mission of Redemption for the eternal Salvation of mankind, despite the predictable danger that he may be scorned and killed as the Truth-bringers of various degrees before Him had suffered. Out of Love that He is the Personification for all eternity, He came.

The path that was so urgently needed to be pointed out was contained in the Truth. Being the Truth as a Part of God Who is the Truth, who could have been more qualified than Jesus to bring the Words of Truth to mankind? In that Truth is to be found the Will of the Almighty, in which is contained the recognition of the automatic mechanisms with which the Creator governed His Creation. Ignorance of them gets us entangled, impure and dense. They affect those who are aware of them as well as those who are ignorant of them as they are eternal and incorruptible. The mechanisms are the Laws. They bear the Will of God. They are thus the Laws of God, or the Divine Laws, or the Laws of Creation or the Laws of Nature. Density always only drags down in accordance with the Law of Gravitation that stipulates that whatever is heavy sinks and whatever is light soars.

For mankind to soar and get back home in Paradise, from whence they came, all dross must be dropped. He also taught mankind how vast Creation is. He taught about Trinity of One God, He as the Love Arm of God and the Holy Spirit as the Justice of God. He said if we offend against the Father and we offend against the Son, there could be forgiveness, but if we offend against the Holy Spirit, there will never be forgiveness. The reason for this is that Holy Spirit is Justice; the Laws manifest His Justice. Now that we are in the Age of the Holy Spirit, it ought not to be difficult for mankind to recognise that purification of the earth is in full swing. The Lord Jesus hinted at the laws repeatedly, one when he said, “Whatever a man soweth that shall he reap…” He said He had not come to abolish the Laws but to fulfill them. This is generally thought he was referring to earthly laws, forgetting that His Words were all embracing and that He spoke from primordial wisdom and knowledge.

On the vastness of Creation, He said in His Father’s House are many mansions. The Lord was referring to the structure of Creation and that in it are many Realms, the size of each inconceivable to us human beings. Take our planet earth as an example. As science was later to discover, it is only a planet in our solar system, which is built around the sun, and the sun is only one of billions of stars in our galaxy called the Milky Way. This galaxy, the Milky Way is also just one in billions of galaxies in our universe which is Ephesus, and there are seven universes. These are listed in the Book of Revelation. We may wish to note that these are in the physical realm which science is capable of exploring, the World of Gross Matter located abutting the Real Creation which the Yoruba call Akokoda Aiye, and the Subsequent Creation, Aseinda Aiye!


There is the parable of the Sower and there is the Parable of the Talents, both pointing to the Law of Movement in which the Osmotic Law is defined, and the necessity to unfold talents is unmistakable. The unfolding cannot be done where there is no movement and many will be lost in the world of matter at the end as seeds that do not bear fruits! They violated the Law of Movement. Margaret Thatcher gave some hint during the Falkland war when she said: He who dares wins as the singsong for the British troops.

The Mission of the Lord has been so much misunderstood such that there is concentration on His Person than His Teachings which alone lead to Salvation. What a student profits by more from his teacher is what he takes out of his professor into the world. The Lord Jesus Christ never failed to tell us that He is the Truth and Life and that He and the Father are One. It is knowledge of Creation and how it functions in perfection that the Lord brought. He made it plain that currents of Truth bear eternal principles which no power can upturn. Our eternal gratitude must, therefore, go to His Person for the sacrifice He made out of love. We must rejoice that the way of salvation has been opened. There could be dancing, but what counts more is what is internalized from His Holy Words of His Teachings.

The Season calls therefore more for sobriety and reflection. That is the essence of Christmas. The elements rejoiced. There was joy in all spheres of Creation that Help was going out to erring human beings out of the Love of the Father of Whom Christ is a Part. How much of His Teachings do we understand and have we imbibed? That there is so much upheaval around the world, so many conflicts and so much sorrow shows that we are far from adhering to His Holy Word. The Almighty Father has only the happiness of mankind at heart. The glorious Season of Love is here!


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