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The importance of emotional freedom technique


An emotional person

Hassan was a middle aged Banking Executive who had a sharp deep pain flowing from his right wrist down to his right leg.

This pain had plagued him for a little over a year.

He had been to the hospital, taken drugs, seen a chiropractor, and had even secretly explored traditional healers, but the pain persisted.


He spoke to his friend Segun about this problem, stating that he has tried almost everything but could not get a solution.

This conversation led Segun to share his story of how he always had a panic attack whenever he walked by someone smoking a cigarette.

According to Segun, he knew it was related to his traumatic experience as a child, where he was maltreated by his step-dad who was a cigarette addict but did not know how to remedy the situation at the time.

He struggled through these attacks for years until he met a Therapist. After several sessions, the problem was completely eliminated.

Hassan was a bit skeptical at first, but trusted his good friend, and based on his recommendation, was willing to try out this new solution.

He met a Therapist certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), who deployed some tools and was able to narrow the cause of the pain to some emotional issues he was going through.

At the end of the sessions, Hassan became very self-aware of himself. He got to understand his body on a much deeper level.

Most importantly, he was able to identify the trigger that caused him such pain.


At this point, Hassan is a better and more improved version of himself as the pain that plagued him had disappeared.

What is the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

The underlying principle of EFT is that all emotions and thoughts are forms of energy.

This energy, whether positive or negative, has a real physical manifestation that affects all functions of the body.

While the human body possesses a natural healing potential, stress and emotional problems can stand in the way.

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique used to optimize an individual’s emotional health.

Although it is still often overlooked, emotional health is absolutely essential to a person’s physical health and wellbeing.

No matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve your body’s ideal healing and preventive powers if emotional barriers stand in your way.


In order to release old patterns of emotions and behavior, it is vital to identify and correct specific events that gave rise to those problems.

A person with low self-esteem might have been coloring a picture at the age of four when her mother walked in and criticized her for drawing outside the lines.

She might have had another experience of a teacher scolding her for failing an exam, and a third experience of her first boyfriend cheating on her, with a prettier girl.

Together, these specific events contribute to the global pattern of low self-esteem.

The way EFT works is that when the emotional trauma of those individual events is resolved, the whole pattern of low self-esteem can shift.

When you think about how a pattern like low self-esteem is established, this makes sense.

It is built up of many single events which collectively form the whole pattern.

The big picture does not spring to life fully formed; it is built up gradually out of many similar experiences.

The memories engraved in your brain are of individual events; one disappointing or traumatic memory at a time is encoded in your memory bank.

When enough similar memories have accumulated, their commonalities combine to create a common theme like “poor self-esteem.”

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