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The journey to self-discovery and success

By Lanre Olusola
15 March 2018   |   3:00 am
In the journey to self-discovery, it is very important to understand what success is. In today’s world a good percentage of people define success as having lots of money in their bank account, being on the cover of magazines, becoming famous and so much more. Before I became a Life Coach, I studied Civil Engineering…

Lanre Olusola

In the journey to self-discovery, it is very important to understand what success is. In today’s world a good percentage of people define success as having lots of money in their bank account, being on the cover of magazines, becoming famous and so much more.

Before I became a Life Coach, I studied Civil Engineering in school after which things were moving pretty well and I had lots of businesses in Lagos. At that point, I thought I had succeeded but I was wrong because I was never truly happy and I just couldn’t shake off that feeling like something was missing.

At every stage of our lives we grow, at every level we want something more and we keep feeling like there is an aspect of ourselves we haven’t harnessed or tapped into.

At different points in time, success or being successful will mean different things to different people. Below are six key points to note during your journey to self-discovery and success.

Six key points for self-discovery and success

1. Success is transient: It’s all about growth, awareness of where you are, where you are going and the ability to put in place milestones that would be used to measure your journey. Success is not a destination; you can never fully arrive at a place and say you are successful. Success through self-discovery is about understanding that one can never fully know himself or herself.

Discovery of self is transient based on your environment, situation and circumstances, your vision, mission, purpose and the resources you have. The revelation comes with your evolution – the more your change and are aware of the changes happening within you, the more you become.

2. Understanding Your Purpose and Identity: According to Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest of all species or the most intelligent that survives, but the most flexible.

This is why our brain which is the control center of our body is designed in such a way that it is dynamic and flexible. Self-discovery deals with knowing and discovering yourself at every point you are in, understanding your purpose and the solutions you are created to provide.

Always bear in mind that you were created for a purpose. Once you are able to discover and push it, you can achieve so much.

3. Understanding your History and Reality Check: Mapping reality requires that you understand your history and match it with your purpose.

Everything you go through is instrumental to everything you will ever become, so there is need to accept and celebrate your history. Understand your root; learn the wisdom in it that relates to your future.

Discover the mindset you developed as a result of your history, your core ideologies and philosophies you learnt; ask yourself questions and find out if where you are at each point is where you really want to be.

4. Sense of Self-worth and Self-confidence: This is fundamental for self-discovery and success. For a person to develop a healthy self-worth and self-judgment there is need to fully understand and recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are and focus more on your strengths. A lot of individuals concentrate more on their weaknesses because it is called a ‘weakness’, unfortunately people fail to realize that every flaw is a strength and every strength can be a flaw.

You need to understand that nothing is hindering you from succeeding but yourself. You have to work for what you want, and definitely must contribute something for the change you seek. Until you accept your difference (uniqueness), your voice and constantly tell yourself that you are worthy, you can do nothing.

It is important to note that the journey to self-discovery and relating it to success starts from you. You deserve to grow and flourish. You need to fill your mind with positivity.

5. Environment and Relationships: No man can live in isolation. With every step we take, we need the right relationships and environment. The true effect of communication comes from the output it leads to.

In matters of relationship, it is very easy to notice that the type of reaction you give out to people consciously or unconsciously is the type of response you will receive.

In order to change the type of reaction you get from people around you, there is need to take a step back, do an inward search and discover the type of vibe you pass across to people.

It is also important to note that in self-discovery and success you must first identify who you are, why you are in a particular environment and what value you can add. Sometimes your environment doesn’t necessarily mean the physical environment but the human beings that make up your space.

At some point your success might require that you to create an environment within your environment.

What do I mean? You need to be able to visualize your desired future, shut out the mental noise around you and create the environment that can push you towards achieving your goals. You need to create a healthy physical, mental, psychological, emotional, relational and spiritual environment.

6. Discover your Passion: Passion is that which drives you, it is something you can do for free as it aligns with your natural gift and talent; that which you can carry out effortlessly.

In pursuit of your dreams, there will be challenges, trials and tribulations. But discovering your passion, understanding who you are and why you are unique is a great milestone which can aid you to being the best that you desire to be.

Finally, ignorance is lack of self-confidence and self-awareness of yourself and your environment. In order to succeed, you need to understand and master the dynamics within your environment, be dedicated and stay committed to your purpose. To consistently succeed you need to be flexible in your thinking, behavior and actions.

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