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The Need for Adequate Records Management Training Plan for your Employees


record---CopyWHY have records management-training plans?
A records management-training plan provides a key tool to enable organisations satisfy the requirements of government regulations. It will also identify and give a clear structure to the actions required to improve records management practices across organisations.

Who needs records management education & training?
All staff needs to be provided with records management education. This will ensure they are aware of their records management obligations and the implications this has on their day-to-day work. It is important that all records management staff receive training appropriate to the degree and level of their involvement in records management activities. There should be training modules developed by expert to ensure records management staff have the necessary skills to develop and implement a strategic records management program in their organisation.

Who is responsible for the development of records management training plans for organisations?
Records managers are responsible for ensuring that a training plan is in place and that its success is measured in their respective organisation.

What are the elements of a Records Management Training Plan?
Clear training objectives
Differentiated training according to staff responsibilities
Tools for providing training
Provision for ongoing training
Measurable outcomes in terms of training
Review and reporting mechanisms.

What issues need to be addressed in a Records Management Training Plan?
The adequate Records Management – Meeting the Standard requires that all staff have an appropriate awareness of their organisation’s policies, procedures and practices in the following records management areas:
access to records and disclosure of information within the records;
record version control;
security; and
validation of records etc
Training should also include awareness of relevant legislations.
What delivery methods are appropriate for records management training?
Delivery methods may include the following:
Incorporation in employee induction programs
Classroom Training on records management and security
Training in the use of records management services and tools, including searching and retrieval tools
Advertising records management services in employee newsletters
Briefing sessions and seminars
Issuing leaflets, booklets or guides describing aspects of your organisation
Short computer based presentations on an intranet etc.

What are the required outcomes from records management training plan?
That all staff be: aware of who the records managers are in their organization; aware of the basic principles of records management and aware of government Act guiding records management etc.

That Senior Management be aware of records management principles and any related policies and programs for their organisation and able to identify those who are responsible for implementing the organisation’s records management programme.
Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole is the President of Records and Information Management Awareness Foundation (RIMA Foundation), a Not-for-profit NGO.

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