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The world as it could be


Every day, everyone in one way or the other preoccupies himself with the search for happiness and joy. Deep down us we long for fulfillment in life. Time and again, we hear people in old age, many in the twilight of their lives, exclaim that they feel fulfilled. Some in what a great many would consider perverse seek joy and happiness through conflicts and wars, believing that conflicts are inalienable part of life. So, today, all around the world there are conflicts and wars. At the same time, however, the thoughtful, the enlightened and the high-minded seek a new world order.

The search for peace and a new world order inexorably led to the founding of the United Nations in 1945 with the express mandate to maintain international peace and security. It is to promote cooperation and encourage collaboration in solving problems that bedevil nations be they in economy, social or cultural entanglements. It is additionally to promote and drive respect for human dignity by guaranteeing fundamental human rights and freedoms. Pursuant to the laudable objectives, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948.

The UN did not just leave matters at that; it set up executive organs, namely the International Monetary Fund; Food and Agriculture Organisation; International Fund for Agricultural Development; International Civil Aviation Organisation; International Labour Organisation; International Maritime Organisation and International Telecommunications Union. These are separate from the main organs of the foundational treaty of the United Nations: General Assembly; Secretariat; Security Council; Economic and Social Council; International Court of Justice; and Trusteeship Council. Much as we should salute the great minds that put the United Nations organisation together, the world is far from the much sought-for peace and security, the dream of the founding fathers. Of course, it could have been worse if there were no UN. In the end, however, the unassailable truth is our world is not as it could and, indeed, as it should be. Wars and conflicts aside, what with the natural disasters that occur and have become the order of the day—earthquakes, landslide, fires, hurricanes, tornados, climate change manifesting in unusual severe cold or heat waves as the case may be, melting of Iceland resulting in increased ocean water volume and level, and flooding in coastal regions. There is flooding in unexpected semi-desert areas while others experience severe drought.


The phenomenon is dismissed as the fulfillment of the End-Time prediction which we can all claim familiarity with; and the impression is being given that mankind is helpless in the unsavory and frightening development. It is true the prediction was made by no other than the Lord Christ Himself. He could see from His Height the weavings, the dark threads of which we human beings were supplying through our conduct. And indeed, it was to prevent this that He came, showing us how to behave, the path to tread generally through our thinking, talking and acting to avoid the disaster that is staring everyone in the face today. This is because there is no activity, there is no behaviour without consequences. Because these may not be immediately apparent, they are taken as concluded and forgotten. Yet, every activity is a seed which must go through maturation process of germinating, growing, flowering and ripening, and compulsory harvesting— like the physical seeds such as maize, rice, beans or yam we are familiar with. Being Who He was and still is, Christ could see the density of the dark accumulation of harvests awaiting mankind at a particular time that is now here. In other words, what the world is witnessing and for which organisations have sprung up to rescue humanity is a creation of human beings themselves.

At various times, we human beings have sensed this, rendered in the saying that man is the architect of his own fortune; the fault is not in our stars but in us that we are such underlings; as it calls to the woods, so it echoes. What all this is saying is that calamities and sufferings are never part of the design of the Creator. They are totally alien to Him. Indeed, it is revealed in higher knowledge on earth today that tribulations and misery are consequences of human actions, whether as individuals or as a people. They result in the non-observance of Creation-Laws. It will shock a great many to learn that God does not directly intervene in all the cares and worries of men such as wars, misery and other forms of tribulations. He has no need to because He wove into His Creation perfect, incorruptible and self-acting laws. He does not act arbitrarily to reward one person and punish the other; allow wars in one place, and peace in another. The experiences of each person are a granting of fulfillment of long-cherished wishes even where they are intended for others, to do good or to do harm. In all activities, it is the radiations of His Power we draw for accomplishment. If the power is put to ill use, we are accountable. It is our decision that is free, but the consequences are sure and certain.

It cannot be conceivable that the Almighty God would put Creation in place with all the Realms which the Lord Christ refers to as Mansions in His father’s House, House being the gigantic Creation beyond human comprehension, and there would be no laws; man would just be left to his own devices. Yet, we say where there are no laws there are no sins, meaning sins indicate breach of laws. It stands to reason that someone must have put the laws there. Because the Laws of Creation bearing God’s Will have been unceasingly breached Teachers of mankind and the Prophets had to come to show us how to get out of our transgressions and shortcomings, and how not to entangle ourselves any further. Following failure of mankind to heed their teachings and admonitions, the Son of God Himself had to come.

The Creator wishes nothing other than happiness and joy for mankind and it is by observing the Creation Laws also known as Divine Laws or the Laws of Nature that these can be achieved. They affect those who know about them as they affect those who are ignorant of them. They are the expression of the Creator’s Holy Will, of how He wants anyone who inhabits His Creation, who shelters in His House to conduct himself in order to live in harmony, happiness and joy and engender progress and development. The Laws are undergirded by love. In cases of suffering, for example, the hardship is to draw attention to what is right or wrong and that one who goes through suffering has taken a wrong course. For a change in his condition, he has to retrace his steps and avoid the misconduct of the past or perhaps of the present time. As no one would rush to pluck a sour fruit, harrowing experiences are instruments to educate us on the necessity to develop the understanding of the correct behaviour bearing in mind the consequences of conduct to the contrary.

The Laws in reference not only determine fateful consequences, but govern relationships, how societies are to be organised, the formation of nation states, birth and nativity, leadership and followership. The Law of Reciprocal Action is what some have come to identify as the law of karma. It stipulates that whatever a man soweth that shall he reap and in multiples. A seed of mango can be observed to bring forth hundreds of mango fruits at full bloom, and year in year out. If the owner of the tree does not want mangoes any more, he can uproot it and plant cashew or whatever else he may elect. The same we can say of maize or beans. All are governed by the same law.

The second law is the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species which we see fulfilled in birds of the same feather flocking together. Wales can only live in harmony in the colony of wales and tilapia fish among its own kind. The law is equally at work and decisive in the animal kingdom. Among we human beings we can see the laws at work in people of the same tendencies drawing towards one another, congregating to form clubs, communities, towns and clans. Noble and high-minded people form their own class among whom and with whom they can swing and find fulfillment. Should they be infiltrated by ruffians they take immediate and every step to expel them and, if impossible, close down their club to re-gather somewhere else.

There is the law of Spiritual Gravitation. It is expressed in weight either in the density which drags down or in lightness of a soul through purity which makes it to soar. The density is engendered through accumulation of dross entanglements. Base thoughts and bad behaviour increase a person’s spiritual weight and it may cause such a person to relocate from a rarified environment to a slum to the chagrin of relations or observers. This is even in the material world where because of the ponderous nature of our bodies separation is not as sharp as it is in the Beyond. To enter the Beyond the earthly body is already discarded through the process generally referred to as death. In the beyond it is not possible for a dark soul to keep the company of a light soul!

There are two other laws called the Law of Movement and the Law of Cycle. The Law of Movement ensures that standstill is not possible in life. A person either goes up or retrogresses and falls. And where standstill is forced for reason of severe disability, for example, paralysis ensues. As for the Law of the Circle, the saying that what goes round must come around gives validity to its outworking. The end must go back to the beginning. But more importantly is the fact that the spirit of man being alien in the material world must seek at the appointed time to return to the spiritual Realm from where it cometh on a sojourn in search of development in this valley of matter that is his school. It throws off the material cloak in a longing inherent in every spirit to return home even if the weight of the dross he carries constitutes a constraining clog in its way.


It is the knowledge of these Laws of Creation and their application in our daily lives that can point the way to A New World Order. The platitudes of political leaders and even admonitions from well-meaning people from across the globe, fascinating as they may be, sweet to the ears as they sometimes are, cannot any longer be adequate.

A major conference of space experts is being planned for Beijing, China, to take place from 24 to 26 December, this year. It is called the United Nations International Conference on space-based Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction—Enhancing Disaster Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response. Whether any further conferences can fetch us The World as It Could and It Should Be remains to be seen.

Prophet Isaiah did say of these times: “Take heed together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand, for God is with us.” God in this context refers to the Holy Spirit whose Power is today firmly anchored in our world, energising the Creation Laws by the day. With the laws energised, everything is animated. All that is dead is being awakened to face its waterloo, to face judgment. Balance is being restored by the Law of Balance where there is imbalance, whether in business or companies, in employer-employee relationships or where the environment has been abused and degraded through excessive and mindless human activities. There is acceleration and intensification of events, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah. We are told in the word of enlightenment spreading on earth at this time that Isaiah was referring to this End Time as “the great time of perplexity in which one conference follows another; when distrust is everywhere, unrest and uneasiness, when hopeless confusion spreads ever more.”The most urgent need of us all as human beings, therefore, is the recognition of the Laws of Creation to the effects against which all men remain helpless and defenceless.

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