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Trusted Youtube Converter Online For Free 2021


FILE PHOTO: YouTube unveils their new paid subscription service at the YouTube Space LA in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, United States October 21, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Having your YouTube videos offline is great. You can enjoy them whenever you want and wherever you are without necessarily having an internet connection on your mobile device or laptop. But you can only enjoy this with the most trusted YouTube converter online for free and that’s

In this post, you’ll be learning about everything you need to know about Ontiva and how you can use it effectively to download or convert your youtube videos to mp4 formats that you can watch offline.

Ontiva prides itself as the best YouTube to MP3 converter out there but it’s not limited to MP3’s as it can convert to MP4 and other file formats.


In this post we’ll be looking at the features, benefits, and how to use this site called Ontiva.
But let’s start with the features of this trusted YouTube Converter Online For Free.

Features of Ontiva

Youtube to MP3 High Speed Conversion
If you want to convert youtube videos to mp3 formats, this site offers you that and it comes with a high speed conversion. We are talking about seconds here and some minutes at maximum if the video file is extremely large. So you can convert your videos to mp3’s within a record time and start enjoying offline immediately. We all want speedy conversions and that’s what Ontiva offers.

Youtube to Other File Formats
Ontiva is not limited to MP3’s, it can convert Youtube videos to MP4, WAV, WMA, MP2, MOV, OGG and FLV file formats. This variety of options makes it a home for everyone regardless of the device and its specifications or preference when it comes to file formats. It’s a one-stop destination for the conversion of YouTube videos to numerous file formats. You are welcome with your devices of all kinds here.


Crop and Cut Videos

This is one of the major highlights of Ontiva. It’s one feature you can hardly find in other sites. With a YouTube video cutter, you can edit videos on-the-go. You can trim videos and eliminate the parts you don’t want and you can also cut videos and merge them together to get the exact content you are looking for. So instead of going out of the site after downloading to crop and edit videos or using a software for it, you can get everything done right on the site for free.

YouTube to GIF Maker
Ever seen a GIF and loved it so much that you wished you could make yours? Well, one of the grand features of this trusted YouTube converter online for free is that it comes with a YouTube to GIF Maker tool. The great part is that it takes you just seconds to convert any part of your YouTube video to a GIF and start sharing across family and friends on social media. So you can start capturing your favorite moments or special scenes on YouTube videos to make them memorable by converting them to GIFs. We are yet to see a better feature that beats this from Ontiva.


On-site Search
With this feature, you don’t have to open two tabs when you want to convert and download YouTube videos to any file format of your choice. All you have to do is type the name of the video on the search tab right on the site and the video pops up. You can then click on start now, select the file format you want and download into your device easily.

Benefits of Using Ontiva

Here are some of the benefits of Using this site to download and convert YouTube videos.

Unlimited Downloads
Using Ontiva comes with limitless downloads. There’s no capping or end point as to how much you can download in a single day. So you can start downloading all your favorite YouTube videos in mp3 and mp4 converter formats without any restrictions.

It’s all for Free
Everything you’ll be doing on Ontiva comes at no cost at all. All the awesome features that have been mentioned in this post are all free to use. All you need to do is have a stable internet connection and you won’t be charged a penny to download all your videos or mp3’s in their numbers for the rest of the day if you please.


Works on Mobile and Desktop Devices
Whether it’s a mobile device you’re using or a laptop/desktop, the platform offers the best user experience for both. You can get all your downloads on-the-go with your mobile device wherever you are without any limitations whatsoever. So while travelling or even while in traffic, you can download all your YouTube videos as mp3’s and mp3’s seamlessly.

No Ads or Malware Infected Videos
When downloading from this site, you don’t have to be obstructed by unsolicited ads that will slow down the process for you. The site is void of annoying ads. What’s more? Some videos can come infected with malwares or other kinds of virus which makes it unsafe for users to download. However, Ontiva is free from such anomalies. All the videos you’ll be downloading are safe and don’t come with any virus whatsoever.

How To Use Ontiva
Using Ontiva is pretty easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below and you can never go wrong.


Step 1: While watching the YouTube video, simply copy the URL on the address bar at the top.

Step 2: Open a new tab on your browser and go to, then paste the link you’ve copied on the large search box you’ll find on the site.

Step 3: Click on start now and you’ll see a variety of file formats (MP3, MP4, and the rest). Select your desired format.

Step 4: Now click on download and wait for the conversion process to begin which will only take a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Step 5: When the conversion process is over, the video or mp3 will automatically download to your device and you can start enjoying offline.

So that’s all about Ontiva and how to use it. You can start converting and downloading your favorite videos from YouTube and exploring all the fine features available on the site.

However, it should be noted that you’ll be required to register on the site as a user before you can convert and download high-quality videos and mp3’s.


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