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Why Muslim youths must have good understanding of Holy Qur’an


Muslims youths across the country have been urged to seek adequate knowledge of the noble Qur’an in order to gain adequate guidance in their daily endeavours and enjoy undiluted peace.

The Guest Speaker, and Former Commissioner for Home Affairs, AbdulHakeem Abdul Lateef, who made this known during the first graduation ceremony of Lekki Muslim Community Qur’an Memorisation College, in Lagos, said the most essential thing in this world is to have a good understanding of the Holy Quran.

He explained that the present generation believed that the glorious Quran is just a prayer book; rather, it is a book of guidance.


“You cannot attain peace without the Quran. Muslims today are looking for peace where they can nerve find it. The only peace that peace exists is with Allah, you cannot get peace through business, children, family or authority,” he said.

He urged Muslims to return to the Quranic generation because Islam cannot be practiced with ignorance. “Comparing the one who practice Islam with knowledge and the one who practice Islam with ignorance is like comparing the blind with he that sees.

“Nowadays we see Muslims going about describing Allah in an uncomplimentary manner by attributing what is going on in their life to their fellow human. They attached every predicament they are going through to the work of witches and wizards, forgotten that Allah has said it in the Holy Quran that he will surely test mankind,” he said.

AbdulLateef said Islam is a knowledge-based religion and Nigerian leaders have key roles to play in ensuring a balanced education system for the next generation.

“We have witnessed on so many occasions where learned people claiming to have PhD, MSc, MBA certificates but could not read the holy Quran, which is the world manual. Their similitude is like a person who gets to the pharmacy, picks a drug and threw the leaflet that explains the usage of the drug away. Today so many people practice Islam without the knowledge of the Holy Quran and they are comfortable with that,” he stated.

He urged parents to play vital roles in ensuring their ward have a balanced education.

He noted that the family institution is collapsing due to the fact that people do not understand the Holy Quran.


“The problem our children are encountering in their matrimonial homes is partially the fault of the parent because they did not expose them to Islamic civilization, which is the Holy Quran,” he said.

The President, Lekki Muslim Ummah, (LEMU), Dr. Waliu Braimo, appealed to the Muslim Ummah to join forces in order to lit the beautiful image of Islam.

“Islam is a beautiful religion, if we Muslims keep showcasing what Islam stands for, the whole world we see the beauty and discipline enshrine in the Holy Quran.

He commended the director of studies of LEMU Arabic School and his team for achieving success.

The Chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Olalekan Soliu, congratulated the parent of the graduating students for the huge sacrifice made and setting the pace for others. He commended the graduands, who have made huge sacrifices to learn the holy book.

“It is not easy to memorise the Quran, they work extremely hard with passion, dedication, and commitment to memorise the holy Quran. This is a book we have to read again and again, is our primary book of guardian it behooves all of us who have not sufficiently learn the Quran to go and learn it because we cannot run away from the Quran”.

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