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You, your health and body – Part 1


As I had previously stated, the strange dimension the issue of health is taking, today, has made even health experts to concur that attention should now be focused more on the PREVENTIVE rather than the CURATIVE approach. The way new diseases are cropping up these days, and which defy existing methods of curative approach to treatments, has made even such respectable bodies as the World Health Organisation (WHO) to agree with nations, that for virtually everybody in the world today, the best way to control diseases is to prevent them or at least know how to control the damage. This is because the truth needs to be faced that the origins of most diseases come from what we drink now. So, if people are not re-orientated that there are equally rules governing the process of nutrition, which is what eating and drinking is all about, as related to their bodies, they might just know how to prevent or minimise the effect of negative nutritional intakes into their system, which serves a great advantage to those that have not got the financial capacity to face serious curative demand.

This is just like re-stating, as I had previously done, that in these days of increasing awareness that PREVENTION on the issue of health might just be better than CURE. Experts in nutritional matters, such as nutritionists and dieticians, might just begin to have a pride of place in the matters concerning our health. But again, this is going to depend on the conditions of reciprocity. This demands that the average individual, that is, you, in particular, must wake up to the fact that you must have an elementary understanding of how your body works.


Most of us have been generally lazy to come to this knowledge about ourselves, and this is why we usually end up as victims in the hands of quacks, who come in the form of herbalists, diviners or even shylock health experts, who take advantage of the fact that the average man has chosen to be lazy in understanding himself, know how his body functions and what the peculiar nature of his own body requires, which he as an individual could manage in terms of what to ingest.

Diseases are usually of organic origins. In other words, they are related to organic functions of the body, such as the heart, kidney, liver and brain, among others. All these organs are mindful of what we eat and drink for them to function properly, and once you understand the requirements for your body in this respect, you might just remain constantly fairly healthy. The truth of our being is that what may be good for the body of one man, may be allergic to another’s body.

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