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Reinventing Senator Chris Ngige’s accomplishments

By Polycarp Onwubiko
15 February 2015   |   11:00 pm
IN spite of the present frenzied atmosphere in our dear country Nigeria due to the expected 2015 general election, there is no gain saying the fact that the way and manner the votes will be cast next month will reposition the country to actualise the latent great prospects in the socio-economic and political growth and…


IN spite of the present frenzied atmosphere in our dear country Nigeria due to the expected 2015 general election, there is no gain saying the fact that the way and manner the votes will be cast next month will reposition the country to actualise the latent great prospects in the socio-economic and political growth and development. Taking cognizance of the discrete observations and incisive comments in the mass media, people have apparently become highly articulate and wiser in the consideration for whom to cast their votes.  This scenario is a far cry of what transpired many years back when voters were less informed and were swayed by the rhetoric’s or oratorical bombardment of politicians who sought for the elective and appointive positions in governance.

  The political parties contesting elective positions in the forth coming polls have strategised and are expecting the electorate to appreciate their view points on how to improve the fortunes of the masses whose age-long expectations of Eldorado appear to be around the corner. In Anambra State, the dominant parties that are appealing for the votes are APC, PDP and APGA. From the look of things, the three political parties have been exhibiting balance of power in terms personalities, but not necessarily, the much expected ideologies of the respective political parties as observed in more democratised, industrialised and advanced countries of the world. 

  The fortunes of the PDP in Anambra State literally nose-dived when Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju became the governor. The ugly trend of dubious manipulations and financial malfeasance that followed the conduct of governance traumatised the highly elated people who believed that they had joined the supposed main-stream political party, the PDP. Today, the PDP is factionalized beyond redemption and brazenly nominated multiple candidates for the same positions in the elections; a step contrary to the electoral Act.  

  Consequently, the administration of Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige as governor of Anambra State had rekindled the hope of the largely enterprising people as they witnessed civilised ways of conducting government business and deployment of the public revenues for the overall upliftment of the welfare of the people. To his exhilarating credit, Ngige was hailed for making Anambra people to know that government has formidable reservoir of revenue sources and possible adroit financial husbandry and expended public fund in the execution of strategic infrastructural facilities and amenities. He has not only injected humanness or human face as it were, in public administration but also laid foundation for the grassroots democracy having sanitised the rot in the local government councils. 

  In governing Anambra State, the distinguished Senator displayed selfless service, patriotic conducts; daring exploits which liberated Anambra State from the deadly clutches of idolatrous political godfathers for elective cum appointive positions in governance.  An intellectual of no mean repute coupled with Christian virtues shun of mechanical piety, he put his life on line because of the rampaging hordes of hell unleashed by the capricious and soulless godfathers. These had held the past leaders of government at the jugular veins which among other debilitating factors slowed down the expected quantum leap in socio-economic and political growth and development in Anambra State. 

  It was the boldness, intrepidity, daring exploits and of practical love of Anambra, people that made him to win the election for the Anambra central senatorial zone. Today, according to the verdict of the former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka P.Ezeife, Senator Chris Ngige is “the most popular politician in Anambra State”. Dr. Ezeife made this discrete observation during the 2013 governorship election which was regrettably controversial. Nevertheless, the popularity of the distinguished Senator is far above other contestants; in every public forum, his appearance divinely endowed aura, triggers groundswell of approbation, singing and praises for him to the consternation of his political opponents and enemies.  

  Ngige, having proved beyond reasonable doubt to be a worthy representative of the Anambra people in general and Anambra Central Senatorial zone in particular in the hallowed chamber of the senate, has bounced back to the people and humbly appealing to them to renew his mandate in the National Assembly as a Senator. The overriding love of the people and the impressive deployment of constituency projects in all the communities ranging from basic infrastructures like water resources, electric transformers, health care delivery facilities, scholarship awards that cut across secondary and post-secondary careers and facilitation of employment of many in the federal public service, have placed him on a formidable pedestal compared with the senatorial aspirants from the PDP and APGA. The high profile of the distinguished senator and the beckoning of the people in the Anambra central senatorial zone are ostensibly due to the civilised awareness of voting credible contestants instead of considering the political parties. The impressive level of political sagacity and enlightenment of Anambra people is such that political parties, though a vehicle of mass mobilisation and political enlightenment, do not prevent them from recognising intellectually capable, altruistic and God-fearing people to represent them in the executive and legislative arms of government. The popular opinion is in favour of Senator Chris Ngige to win the senate contest in the Anambra State Central Senatorial Zone to reinvent and expand the horizon and frontiers of his superlative accomplishment for the overall weal and welfare of Anambra people.

• Onwubiko is an author and public affairs analyst in Awka, Anambra State.      

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