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Lack of democracy at the local government level prevents grassroots development


In the advent of our political and Democratic build up, it is therefore expedient that we have a thorough and detail outlook into our political processes, and evaluate our political score card.

It truly burdens my heart to see that as Nigerians we are fast loosing our grip on objectivity and unbiased judgements on matters that affects our daily lives. Osun State remains a highly referential state when it comes to political matters not only in the South West region, but in Nigeria as a whole, but the way we have cheapen our worth because of political differences and selfish agendas have reduced this state to rubble.


The president in his speech few days ago spoke about how that he told some South West Governors to go back and comply with the Local Government autonomy passed to ensure that governance is administered at the grassroot level, which in turn will empower local authority to fight for their various areas.

But as we speak, Osun State is one of the state defaulting in this regards. How can a state for two solid years not conduct local government elections, that is long overdue. The Government of the Day handpicks a party loyalist and makes him a caretaker chairman for two solid years thereby killing the democratic power of the State. Democracy is a political engagements with people at the grassroot as the major players in it. How can you enforce and disenfranchise people of their will to select people who should be their visible anchor person. This is grave injustice, and this is why the South Western states are badly hit by this hardship, not only because of the presidency but by the same people we elected as leaders at state level.

I therefore expect as a matter of urgency that looking forward, we realise that the people’s only mode of enjoying democratic involvement is to be carried along at the grassroot level. The APC government in the State must create a leveled playing ground for all to come and vie for political offices at the grassroot level, just the way some of them did and rose to great height of success today. We all will not be in power forever. We must create a worthy system of succession and continuity.


I am looking forward to a time where our local government elections will be the record breaking experience that other states can learn from. We must concentrate on our grassroots to win back their confidence, if not there will someday be nobody to believe in the political system of the state.


So as we prepare for the state elections, I strongly will advice the Government of the day to look into conducting a credible free and fair local government elections in the State.

I also want to seize this opportunity to commend INEC for their prompt release of the Gubernatorial Election timetable for Osun State. This is a very laudable achievement, seeing that this gives every political party enough time to strategize and input thoughts that will restructure the State. I also want to call on all political party in the state to go about their electioneering preparations in accordance with the stipulated guidelines of INEC. The Electoral body has promised to conduct an unbiased election, and we must be ready to cooperate with them to birth the will of the people.

Furthermore, the IPAC Osun State chapter is very much on ground to attend to any form of challenges owing to inter party discrepancies within the power of its operation. I equally believe that Osun is about to experience a new dawn of Transformation.

I also want to encourage women most especially to participate in political engagements, and also be rest assured that they will receive the support of IPAC whenever the need arises. As mothers, we need a lot of their inputs to bring succor to the affairs of the State. Osun is a home to strong women, its time for your voices to be heard in the land.

I shall also fight strongly against any form of intimidation and malpractice from any political party who seeks to disenfranchise the good people of Osun State. Osun State is home for all Osun people, and everyone has equal right to associate with any political party as his or her ideologies fit.


IPAC Osun furthermore will not maintain a back bench over cases of intimidation. We will applaud when necessary and fight hard when the people’s will are trampled upon.

I also will like to seize this opportunity to announce that the forth coming IPAC SECURITY SUMMIT is at its zenith preparatory stage. We will partner with all and sundry to tackle the menace of insecurity within our borders. Our intention is to consolidate methodologies on how we can both be saved and remain safe. Our emphasis will be on mental and physical pathways to remain safe. Be rest assured that IPAC is not just sitting on the fence on crucial matters. We are going all out for the betterment of the State.

God bless the Good people of Osun.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Adebayo Adewale Simon, IPAC Chairman (Osun State chapter), writes from Osogbo


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