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Rethink your Presidency, Secondus urges Buhari

By Leo Sobechi (Assistant Politics Editor) and John Akubo, Abuja
20 December 2020   |   3:03 am
Only the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) holds the magic wand to solve Nigeria’s multi-faceted problems and unlock its potentials for prosperity and national harmony.


PDP Will Restore Nigeria’s Glory, Says Lamido

Only the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) holds the magic wand to solve Nigeria’s multi-faceted problems and unlock its potentials for prosperity and national harmony.

Immediate past Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido, who made the assertion while speaking to journalists in Dutse after the successful conduct of the state’s Local Council Congress of the party, said Nigerians have resolved to return PDP to power in 2023 after all the wailings, hunger and insecurity in the country.

Lamido spoke just as PDP national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to consider resigning from office in the light of his admittance of failure on security.

Secondus remarked that the honourable thing for the President to do after he admitted failure of his administration on insecurity is to resign, even as he commended the President for his “honesty in admitting the obvious failure of his government’s responsibilities to secure the nation.”

The PDP chairman, who was reacting to President Buhari’s admittance that his administration has failed in providing adequate security to Nigerian citizens, noted that he (Buhari) should do the needful by giving way for a competent person to come in.

“ As the buck stops on the table of the Commander-in-Chief, the President should accept his failure and stop looking for excuses,” Secondus stressed, recalling that while in opposition, Buhari had in 2013 asked the then President Goodluck Jonathan to vacate and give way to competent hand to steer the ship of the country.

“I find it extremely unacceptable that after the President disregarded all-wise counsel to rejig the nation’s security architecture for effectiveness, he is now turning round to admit their failure and blame operatives, whom he kept even in their apparent inefficiency,” he said.

Although the PDP congress had suffered some setbacks due to some disagreement, which prompted the national leadership to emplace a caretaker leadership in Jigawa, after some mediation, parties arrived at a common ground for the congress to hold.

Lamido stated: “Nigeria is at a crossroad, people are wailing all over the country, the insecurity, the poverty, the culture of hatred, there is a lack of love in Nigeria. We need a party like PDP, which is rooted in people’s hearts and is owned by the people, not by any individual, the party that understands Nigeria.

“What you see here shows that PDP is going to win the election and solve the problems of Nigeria. So, we should look at the deep hitch we are in, we must make sure we put in the party that can restore Nigeria and restores our land, our trust, our stability, our economy, restores our safety. There is no way you can run the country, restore human development if there is no peace.”

As to whether PDP is the only solution to the problem in Nigeria, the former Presidential aspirant retorted whether the APC has been the solution, adding, “When PDP was in power, the present ruling party told lies about security, told lies about corruption and we were flushed out and they are now in charge you can see the difference, judge for yourselves.

“When you talk about a party like PDP, which is a heritage and a history, it means it is very reasonable and responsible. At any gathering of PDP, you find peace, understanding, and love among the members. It is a family thing, there is no acrimony. What you see today shows we are a family and the Local Government Congresses have been well conducted, no animosity.”

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