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11 Tips On Staying Stylish and Comfortable While Travelling

As they say, it is always better to be overdressed than unprepared. When travelling, the fear of sitting in one position for an extended period without experiencing discomfort due to clothing choices is common.

These items will have you looking stylish and comfortable on all your trips:

Comfortable sneakers

Nike sneakers. Photo: Pixabay

It does not matter if you plan to exercise while travelling or not, fashionable sneakers are the perfect travel shoes.

Fashionable mules

Mules. Photo: Gucci

Try thinking lightweight and comfortable. Plus, these days, mules can more or less be worn with anything every time.

Slides and sandals

These on-trend slides will make you count down the days until your trip. Summer flat sandals that are comfortable without sacrificing style are exactly what you need.



Even if this list was restricted to three items, a classic pair of sunglasses will make the cut. Remember, with the scorching summer sun, a pair of sunglasses is a necessity.

Portable pillow

Travel pillow. Photo: The Independent

Travelling can be unpredictable. You never know when you might be stranded in an airport overnight or rebooked without notice. Travelling with a portable pillow can be a lifesaver if you run into any of these issues or need to relax on your trip.

Cotton T-shirts

An “essentials” list definitely would not be complete without this. A cotton t-shirt is a great staple and goes with pretty much everything.

Face caps

A simple face cap that goes with anything would be your best pick.

Lightweight jacket

Leather jacket, Photo: Pinterest

This keeps you ready for formal occasions and comfortable while travelling. They can also ensure you stay warm and stylish depending on where you go.

Loose pants

Get you a tailored, comfortable pair of pants in neutral colours that you can match with any top or jacket for an effortless trip.

Mom jeans

They are easily the most stylish and comfortable pair of jeans. Asides making you look extremely hot, it looks formal yet casual.

A carryall bag

Carry on bag and sunglasses. Photo: Pixabay

You need a bag that’s big enough to carry essentials like your wallet, snacks, water bottle and camera. It should also be handy enough to carry throughout the day.

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