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3 Relationship Turn-Offs You Should Know

In this age, many people are of the opinion that true love is a myth. In a country such as Nigeria, the case is even worse.

Owing to the number of heartbreaks that occurs on a daily basis, there is the fear that you and your romantic partner may not be on the same page.

But you cannot find true love if you do not know the turn-offs and turn-ons.


Nobody loves someone that brags. Whether your intention is to make your partner see you as a better option or to make them jealous, it has a reverse effect on its intended purpose. If you were such a great catch, why not let the person see it instead of hearing you talk about it.


Being Friends

Being friends with someone with value is a good thing from a general perspective. However, being a friend when you want more and not making your intentions known will end you up in the friend zone. Unfortunately, many men fall into this trap forgetting that they have a squad.

At a time when people are becoming bold with advances and learning to accept rejection, present yourself not just as a friend but also as a suitable lover.

Being Critical

Women can be inherently critical of a man’s activities. Because they are natural problem solvers, they subconsciously take on the duty to fix or proffer a solution. Hence, they take on the role of his mother and his lover. Think about this, while your intentions may be pure, it may also irk your partner who is continuously bugged with the feeling that he is been criticised or nagged to. Very soon, he will start to look at you as Ms Fix-it and not as Ms Hot.

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