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3 Ways To End Up Being Miserable

Most often. our constant pursuit of happiness and fulfillment can lead to situations that will end up driving us so far from what we are trying to achieve. Below are some ways you might end up being miserable:

Trying to impress others

We have been raised in a society that rewards conformity and obedience. Thus, it’s a natural instinct to try and impress others. You want to be liked by all, so it can boost your ego and pride. No matter how many people you impress; if you do not impress yourself, it will be very hard to wake up with joy and excitement to face the day.  The solution is to stop playing by the agreed-upon norms within which other people operate and create your own rules to live the life you want. Because at the end of the day, you’ll be the only one you have to answer to if you’re not happy with where you end up.


Seeking for the easiest way. 

As humans, we sometimes look for the easiest way to go through life. You want your life to be easy and predictable. You don’t care about the sort of life you lead or whether you’re happy. You have one priority, and that is your survival. Thus, it will be a natural instinct to seek the path of least resistance. However, you cannot grow and move forward in life within the realms of your comfort zone. By definition, growing means doing things you’ve never done before. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone and transforming the way you live. In order to experience who you should be, rather than simply living out what’s comfortable, you absolutely will need to do things that scare you. You’ll have to get used to doing things that might not work and open yourself up to criticism.

Do things that cannot benefit your life

When you spend your time in the present doing things that do not enable and empower you to reach your future goals and ambitions, you are getting close to being miserable. Rather than shaping and creating the future as you desire, things will become increasingly complex, confusing, and hectic. It will feel like you’re a victim of your destiny, rather than the master and creator of it. Only do the things that are going to help you get where you want to be and leave the rest behind.

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