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4 Easy Steps To Arrange A Small Kitchen

We all can’t have a huge kitchen but you can make the most of your small kitchen with these easy steps below:

Storage space

Little or no storage space in a small kitchen makes movement very frustrating within the cooking space. The number one issue is how you will store your cooking materials and foodstuff within the limited space.

Arrange only materials you use often in the cabinets. But hangers for kitchen utensils like the cooking spoon or pots.


Wall cabinets

If there is no storage space on the floor, create a storage space on the wall. Get a carpenter to create a simple wall cabinet for storage.

You can store ingredients like seasoning and spices, foodstuffs and appliances in the wall cabinet.


The size of appliances

It is counterproductive to buy huge appliances like cooking gas or a refrigerator that will occupy most of the space for movement in the kitchen.

Buy appliances that are suitable for the size of your kitchen.


A storage room

No amount of arranging items in the kitchen will increase the size . Why not store materials you don’t use often in another room?

So you can easily navigate in the kitchen.

A clustered kitchen only poses a constant risk for accidents. So ensure whatever arrangement style you adopt, that you leave space for movement.

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