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5 Morning Skincare Routine For A Smooth Skin

5 Morning Skincare Routine For A Smooth Skin

It is morning, time for another day, and another step towards achieving your goals. However, before you start your day, first improve on your morning skincare routine.

Your skincare routine is not just about the products you are using, but the order you use them. By applying skincare products in the most effective way, you’re making sure they’re working properly and that you’re not wasting your money on expensive skincare.


Below are some morning skincare routine you might consider:

Cleanse with water only
In the morning, you can use just water on your face, especially if you do full nighttime cleanse. Your skin feels different when you clean with just water in the morning. Also, it is advisable you use warm water for this. When washing the face too much, you lose natural oils and fats in the skin, which technically will pull the skin cells apart allowing room for debris and bacteria to enter the skin, causing infections and inflammation.

Following cleansing, you can use a toner to add a water barrier to my skin. This helps to act as a good foundation for all that is to come next. Some recommend toners with small amounts of essential oils such as lavender or rose, which are great for helping the actives penetrate into the skin.

Serum and actives
Products that contain, salicylic acid, intended to achieve a certain effect are considered “actives.” They tend to be the “brightening” products or “correctors.” These products, plus serums, work on certain issues, concerns, or benefits for your skin. A serum is applied first, so that it seeps right into the skin. Then you apply the actives and let them sit for a few minutes before the next steps. Doing this will help will seal in the other products.

Use any moisturiser of your choice after applying your serums and actives. Add the moisturiser by patting it on your face and then massaging in to the skin with upward strokes. This helps to work the product into the skin.

After moisturising, add your sunscreen to protect your face from the sun. This is both environmentally friendly and helps to protect you from hyperpigmentation and other sun damage.

Always cater to your skin, it is as important as other parts of your body.

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