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5 Skincare Regimen Tips You Should Know

Skincare is so important, it has often been referred to as the basics of human well-being. As a result, work must be put in for healthy, glowing skin. Do not be afraid however, as the work referred to here is in no way back-breaking, costly or time-consuming.


For healthy glowing skin, one must have an effective skin regimen. As easy as this sounds, not everyone has the hang of what a good skincare regimen entails. By adhering to even just the basics, one is well on their way to not just having great, healthy skin but also a healthy choice of lifestyle. Here are 5 basic skin regimen tips you should know:

Protect Your Skin
One of the most important ways to care for your skin is to protect it, especially from UV rays of the sun. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles and other skin problems including cancer.
To do this, one should wear protective clothing including hats that cover most of the body, hands and legs that would usually be left uncovered. Also, try to seek shade as often as one can for protection from the sun. Most importantly, remember to wear sunscreen generously, reapplying it when needed.

Be Gentle With Your Skin
Daily cleansing is encouraged regularly and often, however, it can also take its toll on the skin. Hence one should ensure that one is extremely gentle with one’s skin.
This can easily be done by reducing bath time. Hot water and oils dry up the skin hence limit shower time and use warm water instead. Instead of stealing of strong soaps and creams, try using mild cleansers. For protection and lubrication, shave properly moving shave in the direction hair grows instead of against it.
Use a towel to pat dry after your bath and use a moisturizer containing SPF which also matches your skin type once your bath is over.

Eat And Snack Healthy
A healthy skin care regimen doesn’t just have to do with using the right skin products, it encompasses a whole healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle also includes your choice in meals. A healthy diet lets not only one look good, but it also lets one feel strong.

To achieve this, eat a lot of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Some research suggests that a diet low in unhealthy fats, processed or refined carbohydrates might promote younger-looking skin. Also, make water an important part of your diet. Drinking water not just keeps the skin looking healthy and hydrated, it increases the body’s metabolism.

Stress Management
It is no news that uncontrolled stress can make the skin a lot more sensitive, thus triggering acne breakouts and other skin problems. As such, to improve one’s state of mind and have healthy skin, take steps to manage stress. This can be done by sleeping well, setting reasonable limits, making time for things one enjoys doing and reducing one’s daily workload. The results of this are even more dramatic and one would notice changes almost immediately.

Stress doesn’t just affect the mind, it also affects the skin and as such, should be curbed quickly.

Choose The Right Skincare Products
Before making a choice of skincare products, you need to realise that not all products work for all skin types.
Figuring out one’s skin type is easy. Simply wash the face with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. Next, pat the face dry without applying lotion. After one hour, look closely at your skin to determine the skin type. Tight, flaky skin is dry skin, shiny-greasy skin is oily and a combination of both is normal. On a side note, sensitive skin also needs its products.

Skincare is important and an effective skin regimen makes it even easier. Before going on to a more comprehensive skincare regimen, there is a need to understand what makes up the basics of skincare. This makes it a lot easier to choose a regimen that works and stick with it.

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