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5 Tips For Approaching Someone You’re Attracted To

In order to meet new people, we have to actually approach and speak to them, which can be really nerve-wracking especially when you’re attracted to them but with proper guidance, its not so difficult.


Both men and women experience attraction to existing friends and even total strangers so it is important you know how to handle yourself in such a situation.

Here are a few tips for approaching someone you’re attracted to;

1. Get in the right mindset
Once you’ve decided to make an approach, its normal to feel a little nervous so you take breaths to calm your nerves and clear your head of negative thoughts. This is definitely the first step in the right direction.

2. Create an Instant Connection with Your Eyes

As soon as you approach the special somone the first thing you want to do is make eye contact. This is important for two reasons:
• It shows confidence.
• It creates a sense of closeness.

3. Introduce yourself properly

A proper introduction is necessary because it give the person you’re talking to some insight into who you are and why they should pay you any attention.

4. Give genuine compliments

When you’ve made adequate introductions, you can go on to compliment the persons appearance or character but remember, sincerity is key. Fake compliments are pretty obvious and even insulting.

5. End your conversation on a high note

Its important to stay guided within the course of the conversation and bear in mind that all good things must come to an end so you shouldn’t overstretch the conversation by asking all the questions at once, rather leave some mystery so they look forward to getting to know more about you eventually.

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