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5 Travel Hacks That WIll Save You Money On A Trip

By Compare Insurance Nigeria 30 November 2017   |   11:01 am

We’re almost down to the last month of the year, synonymous with vacations, pleasure trips, the Christmas holiday, with hope for the new year; and you’re probably preparing for your last vacation in the year knowing that travelling is also what makes this season special. So saving money for the trip is on your mind and you’re looking for the best deals on flight/bus tickets to book in advance; but did you know you can also save money while on your trip? Read on, we’ll tell you how.

Saving money while travelling may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s definitely doable for those with the willpower to spend prudently and cut unnecessary costs. If you’re ready, you can save money on your way, as this will leave you with a little more to spend later and avoid going broke after – now that’s the worst. Here are some ways that you can save money, whether you’re traveling on an exotic vacation or just for the holidays.

Create a Travel Budget

It’s always a smart move to plan ahead especially with your kind of spend, this makes creating a budget for your travels, genius, however you sure do need to stick to the plan. Start by making a list of things you would like to spend on and break down your expenses in detail so you can keep track and not end up exceeding your budget; it makes sense to add a little amount to the figures stated to allow for increase in prices. For example, visit travel blogs to learn more on how to make the most of the local (of your destination) transport, entertainment, food and more.

Look for Travel Deals
Keeping an eye out for sales, offers or deals from your favourite airlines/ transport lines, can cut your costs. If you’re not restricted to a certain time frame, you could potentially move your trip forward or push it back to get the best deals on ticket fares and lodging, in fact, travel more during off-peak times. Typically, ticket fares are cheaper when you book them in advance, so take what you can get! If saving a few thousands or more on fares means waiting a few extra days before you leave, then it’s probably worth it.

Pack Snacks For The Trip

The third of this hack is – “Don’t buy food along the way”!!! The price of confectionary and its likes are known to be marked up in airports and service stations, even bottled water or drinks. Since we are trying to save money, steer away from buying food in the afore – mentioned. For as long as it’s allowed on your type of trip, buy your snacks beforehand and pack as much you can carry, your desired eatables before you get to the station/airport.

Shop At Your Destination
Yes, we know you want to bring all those nice, different and foreign gifts to your loved ones, but you don’t have to go full fledged shopping to do that. It’s more cost friendly to shop after you arrive at your destination instead of before your trip. You might think that shopping for everything in advance and taking them with you is a smart move but once you factor the costs of carrying excess luggage and the wear of handling them as you hop from plane to car, you’ll see it’s a “penny wise, pound foolish” move. You however need to factor in currency exchange rates and compare the prices that best works for you.

Take Insurance With You

You never know what could go wrong while travelling especially overseas, so make sure you’ve subscribed for the basic travel insurance policy so that you’re covered in case of the worst occurrence. Insurance can provide compensation for costs that arise from anything ranging from theft to unexpected hospital expenses, so it’s definitely worth considering. It may not feel like you’re saving money when you purchase your policy, but in the event of an unexpected issues especially medical, you’ll see the importance. You can compare policies online to get the best value.

At the end of the day, though saving money while travelling may seem almost impossible, it’s definitely something you can achieve. As long as you stick to your budget and plan ahead, you should be able to keep some good change in your pocket.

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