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Life Over Violence Day: People Who Made A Sacrifice For Their Enemy

The world has experienced more than its share of violence. Wars waged for little, lives lost for nothing. Recently in Nigeria, many people have lost their lives, loved ones have lost members of their family through violence.
Violence is a senseless act, it leaves victims traumatized and psychologically scarred for life.

From Mahatma Ghadi to Martin Luther King who were advocates of peace, tolerance and non-violence, there are individuals who have chosen life over violence by aiding to save the life of an enemy. That act of love and self-denial is amazing and reaffirms faith in the good in human beings.


Here are real-life stories of individuals that saved the life of an enemy.

Quotes. Photo: AZ quotes

In 2005, Muhammad Gulab an Afghanistan saved the life of a US soldier, Marcus Lutrell. He hid him in his village for 4 days, despite threats from the Taliban on him and his family.

In 2012, this story was later adapted into a film titled Lone Survivor featuring Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Lutrell.

In 2001, following a bomb that killed many people in Telaviv, an act of retaliation saw the death of an innocent young Palestinian named Mazan Al-Joulani. His parents donated his heart to an Israeli Jew named Yighal Cohen. The surgeon that performed the operation said that during the surgery he held both hearts in his hands and there was no difference.

There are other thought-provoking and inspiring stories of people who have sacrificed their lives for their enemy. Today calls on everyone to shun violence and embrace unconditional love in its purest form.

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