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7 Useful Tips To Make Great TikTok Videos

TikTok Tips

TikTok Tips | Photo – Fossbytes

TikTok is the latest social media app that has got the attention of millennials especially this year. Although TikTok has been around for some years, many began to use it this year.
Watching a TikTok video makes it look relatively easy to create one of yours but the truth is that some of the top creators have admitted to spending hours on one TikTok video.

We have listed some useful tips on how to create great TikTok video content.


Be Creative
Creativity is the order of the day because if you look at it closely, most TikTok vidoes thrive on viral challenges. What this means is that people are going to watch the same thing over and over again from different creators. Yikes! That sounds pretty tedious and yes, it is. To stand out from what everyone else is offering, you should get your thinking cap on to create a unique version of viral challenges. Having a unique angle earns you fans and make your videos less generic.

Don’t Forget Your Hashtags
If you have used apps like Twitter and Instagram, then you will understand the usefulness of hashtags. Hashtags give your content more visibility and as it stands TikTok’s algorithm relies heavily on hashtags. After creating your video, use as many relevant hashtags as possible to rank on the “For You” page. Ensure to include the hashtag of a challenge that your video is centred around.

Two heads are said to be better than one so don’t shy from getting help from an influencer or friend. It’s a win-win for you both but ensure that whoever you bring on board aligns with your style.

Learn A Few Tricks
As TikTok advances, there’s more need for high-quality content. Lip syncing and dance videos don’t trend as much as before and you have to use a few hacks to create eye-catching videos. Since hashtags can be oversaturated, using effects will help your videos rank higher since videos can be searched using a specific effect on TikTok.

Capture The Audience’s Attention
TikTok users are predominantly young people so ensure to capture their attention by ensuring that there are elements of drama in your video. Move around, have a loud sound or a reaction that will make your video more dramatic.

Look Your Best
You don’t have to be the most attractive person to create content on TikTok but since it is a visual platform, make an effort with your appearance. Having a good image also helps your video quality so ensure you are looking neat and fresh with your hair, makeup and clothes in order.

Build Your Profile
Your profile should be fun as when people visit your page, it is what they will see. Your profile should give the audience an idea of who you are and what kind of videos you make. Remember to keep it fun and quirky.

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