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A Homely Getaway in Ghana

Imagine for a second you could find the perfect balance between an active life in the city and a calm life in the country. You could throw yourself right into all the hustle and bustle of the budding metropolis, and sneak away to climb hills or meditate in a beautiful, peaceful garden. More often than not, where you stay will determine how much you enjoy of both worlds, and I got quite the fill at Archers View Courts, Ayimensah, Accra.

I travelled to Accra by road, and the bus had a stop not too far from Archers View which is not a long distance from the airport either. When I hear of or read about ‘short let’ apartments, I immediately envision crowded estates or overly commercial apartment blocks, so it was a pleasant surprise to drive into a spacious compound with about thirteen bungalows in total and enough room to roam freely.

Aerial view of the city of Accra, Ghana.

The compound is on a hill, and it greeted me by the soothing breeze and a beautiful sunset. The block my companion and I shared was a fully furnished three-bedroom. It felt lived in, but in a homely, welcoming way, and not in a way that made you feel like you were intruding in someone else’s personal space. The décor was an interesting mix of modern and African accents, from the settee with the geometric prints and glass and wood centre table to the raffia placemats on the polished wood dining table, and bronze ornaments. It was artsy, but not overwhelmingly so.

I had a week in Accra, and a lot to do considering I was in town for the festival. Staying at Archers View proved to be quite convenient. I could order a Taxify and be in Osu in about 20 minutes, and the area was safe enough for me to return to at 2 am without fear or worry. This allowed me to enjoy sightseeing in the city, attend the Chale Wote Festival activities to the fullest, and try out some fancy restaurants I had been eyeing on Instagram. It was also nice that I could enjoy Netflix and laze about with food prepared in the kitchen on the days when I didn’t really want to go out.

A lot of hotels, resorts, and getaway spots often throw around the phrases ‘feels like home’ or ‘home away from home’, but Archers View Courts has come the closest to recreating the highly sought after living-at-home vibe. I am definitely looking forward to going back with a group of friends. Does it still count as a staycation if it’s in another country?

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