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There’s an oddly divine feeling that comes from owning a quality timepiece. For people who have a taste for luxury items, here are the most expensive timepieces in existence.


Graff Diamonds Hallucination

Grafts Diamond Hallucination. Photo Pinterest

As the name suggests, the Hallucination was carefully designed to create slight optical illusions. Priced at 55 million dollars and currently the most expensive watch in the world, the Hallucination was made from 110 carats diamonds of varying colours carefully placed on a platinum bracelet. In addition, the diamonds are cut into various shapes, including the heart, marquise, emerald, radiant, round and pear shapes.


Graff Diamonds The Fascination

Grafts Diamond The Fascination. Photo Sparkle

The Fascination is a rare watch among the Graff Diamond series. The watch is made of 152.96 carats of white diamonds with a centrepiece cut out of a rare 38.13-carat diamond. Beyond these amazing features, The Fascination’s true charm lies in its multiple functions. The centrepiece can be removed and worn as a ring. When covered, the watch can pass for a beautiful pear-shaped bracelet. This beautiful masterpiece is priced at 40 million dollars.


Breguet No. 160

Breguet No. 160. Photo Hodinkee

This pocket watch, popularly known as the Marie-Antoinette or the Queen, was designed by a Swiss watchmaker called Abraham-Louis Breguet. Made from the finest gold and platinum with a dash of rubies and sapphires, the watch was allegedly made for Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France at that time. Unfortunately, the watch took almost 20 years to finish and, by that time, Marie Antoinette was already dead. It is priced at 30 million dollars.


Chopard 201-Carat Watch

Chopard 201-Carat Watch. Photo StitchFit

The Chopard 201-Carat Watch is another multi-coloured beauty on this list made up of 874 diamonds of varying sizes. The diamonds are placed on a white gold and yellow gold bracelet with a 15.37-carat heart-shaped pink diamond, a 12.79-carat heart-shaped blue diamond and a heart-shaped D colour diamond resting at its centre. The rest of the watch has clusters of 260 pear-shaped D colour diamonds, 91 round D colour flawless diamonds and 26 pear-shaped yellow diamonds. The watch is priced at 25 million dollars.


Patek Philippe Supercomplication

Patek Philippe Supercomplication /AFP/Getty Images

Designed by Patek Philippe, the Supercomplication lives up to its name and remains the most complicated timepiece ever created without any digital inputs. Taking three years to design and five years to create, the pocket watch has 920 separate parts, 430 screws, 110 wheels, 70 jewels and 120 removable parts which were all crafted by hand. The watch is made of gold and has 24 features in total which include an equation of time, calendar (day, week and month), stopwatch, star charts and alarms among others. It is priced at 24 million dollars.


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