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Bag Affair: From Fashion to Function

Bags are among the most functional, hardworking accessories in our wardrobes. They let you take things you need at a go, hold day-to-day items in one place, and shield valuables and other belongings from damage, theft and the weather. They can also be the one item that pulls your look together.

These days, bags are not as boring as they used to be. There are so many choices and styles to select from in every fabrication and colour. It sometimes makes it overwhelming when trying to get a bag.
This list of bags will help ensure that you’re in the know of what to carry now. Whatever your style may be, you’ll find one that matches your style.


Fanny Pack

Fanny pack. Photo credit: Kokabuta

Fanny pack, belt bag, bum-bag; whichever you choose to call it is fine. This functional bag has become the go-to fashion accessory for fashionistas everywhere. The ease at which you carry the pack makes it a multi-functional accessory. You could also swap it for a cute cross-body purse for that night out with friends.

Shocking Pink

Millenial pink bag. Photo credit: Popsugar

The apricot pink grapefruit shade known as millennial pink is invading our wardrobe. It has become not just a fashionable colour but also a fashion statement, a certain post-modern feminist colour. This colour is extreme on both ends. You’re either going full-on monochrome or intentionally mix-matching it with colours like black.

Weave Affair

Asiyami Gold Carrying A Woven Bag. Photo credit: Square space

Instagram influencers like Asiyami Gold have made basket bags the must-have fashion statement. These woven bags look like costumes, but that’s exactly the point of them. They are cool for the beach or a fashion day out with friends.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The beautiful thing about fashion is how one trend filters into another. This business-inspired briefcase or leather satchel is a fashionable way to add to your boss-lady vibe. This bag comes in different feminine shapes to complete a formal look; be it to the office or an errand around town, this bag is always a winner.

Size It Up

Bag. Photo credit: Imagesizer

This season, you have every reason to go big. These bags are almost the size of a trash bag. They can be bundled to create a certain ease to your outfit. The bags are not for formal occasions; pair with jeans and sneakers or platforms. The beauty of this bag is the fact they can be used for weekend getaways without carrying extra luggage.

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