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Best Things To Do In Puebla, Mexico

The fourth largest city in Mexico, Puebla has become one tourist destination to visit. Built at the intersection of two rivers, the city has strong religious roots and there are stunning churches on every corner.

If you ever happen to visit Mexico soon, here are some things you can do in Puebla:

Go church-seeing

First of all, you’ll want to see some of those spectacular churches in all their architectural glory. The central Church of Santos Domingo is most notable for its over-the-top Baroque-style Capilla del Rosario, dripping with all the gold in the world. The Templo de San Francisco is a bright-yellow structure that pays homage to local hero Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio. Puebla Cathedral, with its stunning black limestone front and stunning gold organ, is the second-tallest church in the country.

Visit the museum

Known for its stunning Baroque architecture, Puebla is home to the International Museum of the Baroque. The 2016 museum gives visitors a useful background on Baroque art and shows off classic examples.

Get historical at the library

Visit the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, widely considered as the first public library in Mexico. It consists of a 17th-century book collection and reading room.


Purchase pottery

Talavera pottery is one of Puebla’s proudest exports. The mud is baked, glazed, and hand-painted, most traditionally in blue and white patterns. Even the local Starbucks has Talavera-style decor. Head to Uriarte to buy items and souvenirs. The shop is home to the country’s largest Talavara producer. You can buy or preorder tableware, vases, tiles and so on.

Sample a local dish

Some of Mexico’s most loved foods have origins in Puebla, especially mole poblano. The spicy chocolate dish was reportedly invented by a Poblano woman who was trying to clean out her pantry.

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